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Re: libgeotiff-1.2.1-2

Norman Vine schrieb:
Proj4 should build OTB
< configure to use internal tiff and geotiff libs should build OTB >

This is better than libtiff? At least it supports much more formats. Should we drop the extra libgeotiff then, if GDAL already includes it?

GEOS should build OTB using following % CC=c++ CXX=c++ ./configure; make

PostGRES < Cygwin binary and source packages >
PostGIS < needs the configured but not compiled PostGres source package after configure install PostGIS into PostGRES contrib directory
configure and make >

link against libgdal instead of libtiff and libgeotiff for geotiff support

I'll configure --prefix=/usr and not /usr/local for proj4 and geos
so that someone will have the change to propose this, and my postgis is ready in the meantime with my own private builds of the dll's. (libtool-devel-1.5.10)
If Gerrit or Charles, I don't care.

Latest postgresql from today fixed most outstanding issues (just one new error), even the plperl problem was found, so I'll try out PostGIS
and will ITP this also then.
Reini Urban

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