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RE: libgeotiff-1.2.1-2

Gerrit P. Haase writes:
> Hallo Charles,
> >> +1 vote from me for libgeotiff (makes 3 IIRC, please upload).
> >> +1 vote for proj.
> >> Would you ming to included also GEOS in this set of packages?
> >> If so, +1 vote for geos.
> > ????
> > Where did THIS come from?  I ITP'ed these over a year ago; surely 
> > there's a statute of limitations on ITP's?
> > I've no objections to bringing my version up to the current upstream
> > release and uploading them to sourceware, but geez...been trolling the
> > list archives or what, Gerrit?
> Hehe, I just found PostGIS and want to try to get it up with my
> personal PostgreSQL database, PROJ and GEOS are optional components
> and I thought it may be useful to have these extensions to PostGIS,
> a quick search shows that at least PROJ was already proposed by you.
> Since then there was only one new release of PROJ, I used your
> version.  Reini could make a PostGIS package as add on for PostgreSQL
> available with these prerequisites.

Hi Gerrit,

Proj4  should build OTB
            < configure to use internal tiff and geotiff libs 
               should build OTB >

GEOS  should build OTB
             using following
% CC=c++ CXX=c++ ./configure; make

PostGRES  < Cygwin binary and source packages >
PostGIS      < needs the configured but not compiled PostGres source package 
                      after configure install PostGIS into PostGRES contrib directory
                      configure and make >

link against libgdal instead of libtiff and libgeotiff for geotiff support



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