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Re: DJB licensing issues [Was: [ITP] mhash-0.9.1-1]

Lapo Luchini wrote:

> Mhh.. I don't remember...
> Yes, actually we had (and I did also do some reply.. 0_0)
> <>
> ...but that was on QMail, which has "Information for distributors" at
> <>, while no similiar page does seem to
> be linked from DJBDNS page <>

Still, I doubt it qualifies as OSI-approved by any stretch of the

> > (As for a local resolver, I use the win32 BIND9.)
> Works well? I don't like BIND very much, but I could use it as a
> fall-back in case I can't get dnscache to work...

It works well, even has a nifty installer that installs it as a
service.  The command line binaries (host, dig, rndc, etc) all play nice
under Cygwin too.  I'm not really a fan of BIND's design and config
format but the win32 port works well.  Of course, I'd rather see a
Cygwin-based resolver + net tools.

Interesting tidbit: In win2k if you tried to enter for the
resolver in the network settings GUI it would kindly tell you that this
was an invalid value and to contact your ISP or whatever.  I had to set
the value directly in the registry.  Apparently someone convinced them
that it was indeed possible to run a resolver on localhost, and in XP
the dialog does not appear.


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