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Re: DJB licensing issues [Was: [ITP] mhash-0.9.1-1]

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Brian Dessent wrote:
> Still, I doubt it qualifies as OSI-approved by any stretch of the
> imagination.

It doesn't even have a copyright notice in the source nor in the
package, maybe it qualifies as Public Domani, but I guess an email to
DJB could clarify it a bit...

> It works well, even has a nifty installer that installs it as a
> service.  The command line binaries (host, dig, rndc, etc) all play nice
> under Cygwin too.  I'm not really a fan of BIND's design and config
> format but the win32 port works well.

I see.

> Of course, I'd rather see a Cygwin-based resolver + net tools.

That was my idea, too.

> Apparently someone convinced them
> that it was indeed possible to run a resolver on localhost, and in XP
> the dialog does not appear.

Ahah, don't they even SELL a DNS resolver itself? 0=)

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