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Re: gnome 2.8.0 and external dependencies

Charles Wilson wrote:

Gerrit P. Haase wrote:

Yes, cool.  Now I think I can distinguish between 'wrong' and valid
const struct definitions.  May I consider using 'const' for structs
which are not really constant (i.e. containig a variable) as harmful?

Yes. But also, structs which contain the (usually constant on all but braindead platforms, like Winblows) ADDRESS of a variable which is imported from a shared lib (DLL), are also not allowed to be const.


Windows now has more security features.
It's blocking the popup I get from someone one the internet.
This morning, I only had two popup, both ActiveX was blocked.
I was not using Internet Explorer or Netscape when these popups appeared.
Its not Windows thats the problem. Its the hackers who want to get users into Linux or Unix.
Linux can act act many things, including an attack base on Windows

This system is proteted by Zone Alarm.
So hackers, hacking into this system is not wise. I can see you

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