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Re: setup: current setup version crashes on XP

Gerrit schrieb:

> Gerrit schrieb:

>> Gary R. Van Sickle wrote:
>>>>I'm running XP SP2, setup.exe crashes, I cannot install the
>>>>latest packages.
>>>>So currently I cannot use my XP box to work on new packages.
>>> I've been running SP2 for quite a while now at work and home and haven't had
>>> any trouble with setup.

>> I ran it under dependency walker and it succeeds to install the packages
>> I'm currently missing.

> I have Visual Studio .NET installed at the XP PC, maybe that makes a
> difference?

Nope, it is getting weird, I got the same error on the server (NT4 same
executable), maybe it has to do with the .NET framework?  I have
updated it recently at the XP box.  I have version 1.1 and the update
was the latest SP for the framework.  Does XP or some other MS
'services' modify executables?  Since it fails also at the NT4 it must
be different with the executable.  I deleted the  executable and
refetched it and now it runs again on the NT4 server.  Unfortunately
setup.exe doesn't even start anymore at the XP box.

I also noted that I cannot run another setup.exe named file, but I can
run 'normal' executables. 


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