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Re: [ITP] d 1.2.0

Yaakov schrieb:

> Hash: SHA1

> Lapo Luchini wrote:
>> In the "usual" case you have to carefully modify... nothing.
>> Actually if script version is equal to source tar, most of the work should
>> be done automatically.
>> (it is, in most of my packages)

> OK, so I tried just that.  The script seemed to work fine through
> patch, configure, and make in src dir.  But when make was in doc dir,
> it choked.  The problem is that the d.1 man pages are created through
> help2man (a perl script which is included in the doc dir of the
> vanilla source).  Apparently the script didn't know that, and it
> didn't copy help2man to the .build/doc dir, so make exited with
> errors.  Also, there are info pages, but make didn't get that far, so
> I don't know what will happen then.  Could you help me out with this? 
> Thanks!

That is meant by 'modifying carefully'.
Add copying help2man to ./build/doc to the configure() part in the
script.  Or start maintaining help2man at first, push in the netrelease
and modify the source ( of d to use the system help2man;-)

Little hint, the package is ready and just waiting to be adopted by a


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