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Re: [ITP] d 1.2.0

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Lapo Luchini wrote:
> In the "usual" case you have to carefully modify... nothing.
> Actually if script version is equal to source tar, most of the work should 
> be done automatically.
> (it is, in most of my packages)

OK, so I tried just that.  The script seemed to work fine through patch, configure, and make in src dir.  But when make was in doc dir, it choked.  The problem is that the d.1 man pages are created through help2man (a perl script which is included in the doc dir of the vanilla source).  Apparently the script didn't know that, and it didn't copy help2man to the .build/doc dir, so make exited with errors.  Also, there are info pages, but make didn't get that far, so I don't know what will happen then.  Could you help me out with this?  Thanks!
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