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He wrote, then she wrote, ... (was RE: when is next release of setup.exe)

> -----Nested-context lost Message-----
> From: Igor Pechtchanski [mailto:pechtcha at cs dot nyu dot edu]
> linda w (cyg) wrote:
> > > From:  Igor Pechtchanski
> > > Cygwin setup compiles fine with Cygwin gcc.
> > ---
> Pardon me, ma'am, but the OP asked about the *current CVS source* of
> setup.  It was in that context (which you so nonchalantly
> snipped) that my  comment was correct...
	I didn't know it was in reference to the CVS...I just tried
current released source for current released setup with current
released tools -- which I realize (now) was completely naive of
me. :-/

	Just slap me up the side of the head for being so silly as
to expect that to work....*sigh*...and I just wanted one thing to be
simple...just a small thing, really...(very sad pitiful voice)...:-)

Actually you should kick me out the's in the 70's(F) sunny
here in Santa Cruz...and I'm spending time, Saturday afternoon inside
on my computer....very sad...I'm outa here...

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