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arm-wince-pe: ANNOUNCEMENT

Hello all:

We are pleased to announce the availability of the GNU tools, along with
source code, for the arm-wince-pe target.  This toolchain provides a GCC
cross-compiler which compiles C/C++ for Windows CE 3.0 or greater for CE
devices that have ARM or xscale processors.

These tools are based on binutils-2.13.90 and gcc-3.2.  Also, we have
ported newlib-1.11.0 and this is provided in the distribution.  We have
most of our core source code running under these tools/newlib, so it is
a rather complete port that seems to work well.  We hope it will be
useful to the development community.

To obtain these tools, please point your browser at, and click on the "Open Source" button in the
upper right portion of our home page.

For the time being, we politely ask that people who need help contact
the relevant mailing list(s).  We are *completely buried* right now and
are unable to do much in the way of support, but we will later!!

have fun!
craig vanderborgh
voxware incorporated

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