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Re: [PATCH] Enable --build-id for moxie-elf-ld

On Wed, Dec 18, 2019 at 02:53:18PM -0500, Anthony Green wrote:
> 	* emulparams/ (TEMPLATE_NAME): Switch to elf template
> 	to enable --build-id.
> 	* configure.tgt: Don't define targ_extra_ofiles for moxie-*-*.

You want this too.

Also, please put a subject line in the git commit log followed by a
blank line.  git log --oneline doesn't show anything useful for your

1d29ab86cb (origin/master, origin/HEAD) PR25277, microblaze opcode enumeration vs ISO/IEC TS 18661-3:2015
1087441f07 Automatic date update in
99a5596592 Update gdb.base/default.exp for GDB 10
4b4477b52e 2019-12-18  Anthony Green  <>
27e4fac77e Fix pthread_setname_np build error
e623f03502 Fix indentation (and clang warning) in c-lang.c
28ce7b0747 Fix build failure on macOS
bbde7025e0 Fix -Wmisleading-indentation warning in top.c
599956cfe1 ld signed overflow fix

	* testsuite/lib/ld-lib.exp (uses_genelf): Remove moxie.

diff --git a/ld/testsuite/lib/ld-lib.exp b/ld/testsuite/lib/ld-lib.exp
index 2504936082..7e671558ca 100644
--- a/ld/testsuite/lib/ld-lib.exp
+++ b/ld/testsuite/lib/ld-lib.exp
@@ -1109,7 +1109,6 @@ proc uses_genelf { } {
 	 || [istarget "ft32-*-*"]
 	 || [istarget "iq2000-*-*"]
 	 || [istarget "mn10200-*-*"]
-	 || [istarget "moxie-*-*"]
 	 || [istarget "msp430-*-*"]
 	 || [istarget "mt-*-*"]
 	 || [istarget "pj*-*-*"]

Alan Modra
Australia Development Lab, IBM

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