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Re: Procedure to allow creation of a"users/ARM" namespace on binutils-gdb git?

Is there even such a procedure? I assumed branches in "users/" may be created at will by anyone (I didn't ask anyone before creating my users/mwk/*).

On 14/03/16 13:07, Thomas Preudhomme wrote:

On Thursday 10 March 2016 10:08:13 Thomas Preudhomme wrote:

TL;DR: What needs doing to OK the creation of a "users/ARM" namespace on
binutils-gdb git?

The toolchain that ARM maintains at [1] occasionally contains some patches
on top of the stable binutils and gdb branches on which it is based.
Typically, this would be backports to add support for a new ARM
architecture (eg. Cortex- m7 support in our release based on GCC 4.8 and
4.9). The source for this is currently only available as tarball and we
would like to have publicly available branches for users who which to have
the patch breakdown or prefer to use git clone. These would work in a
similar manner to the ARM/embedded-5- branch in GCC SVN repository. We
believe the most sensible location for hosting these branches is on
sourceware as a sub-namespace of users, in the same way as the "users/hjl"
namespace. People would then clone the binutils branch with git clone -b
ssh:// and similar for gdb.

We are therefore wondering what is the procedure to OK the creation a new
namespace (say users/ARM) on sourceware?


Best regards,

Thomas Preud'homme

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