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RE: binutils/ld: "Sort relocs output by ld -r" breaks mips cross compilation of linux

> your patch to binutils/ld "Sort relocs output by ld -r" causes a lot of
> the following warnings when I cross-compile the linux kernel for
> little-endian mips32 on an x64 host:
> mipsel-softfloat-linux-gnu-ld: init/mounts.o: Can't find matching LO16
> reloc against `$LC2' for R_MIPS_HI16 at 0x4e8 in section `.text'
> If I revert that patch the kernel build succeeds without warnings and boots.
> (I wrongly blamed a patch by Andrew Bennett before which turns out
>  to be innocent).

It is probably best to explain why this causes the issue, so I have explained 
it in more detail below:

The MIPS HI16/LO16 relocations must occur in pairs.  This means the LO16 
relocation must occur directly after the HI16 relocation in the relocation table.  

If we look at an example that was found in the Linux build.  The original
elf file had the relocations in the following order.

00000514  00005f05 R_MIPS_HI16       00000000   block_class
00000458  00005f05 R_MIPS_HI16       00000000   block_class
00000460  00005f06 R_MIPS_LO16       00000000   block_class

But these became the following when -r is used:

00000458  00005705 R_MIPS_HI16       00000000   block_class
0000045c  00000305 R_MIPS_HI16       00000000   .text
00000460  00005706 R_MIPS_LO16       00000000   block_class
00000514  00005705 R_MIPS_HI16       00000000   block_class

Therefore when the HI16/LO16 relocation checking is done for the block_class
symbol it will be unable to find the corresponding LO16 relocation in the
second instance, which is why Manuel was getting error messages about
missing relocations.



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