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Re: [Patch, avr] Set data section's LMA to AT> text instead of end of .text

On Mon, Nov 18, 2013 at 03:44:26PM +0000, nick clifton wrote:
> Hi Senthil,
> >   This patch sets the LMA for the .data section to the next available
> >   address in the text region (AT> text), rather than ADDR(.text) + SIZE(.text).
> >   This prevents address overlap errors from the linker if there are
> >   other sections (unknown to the default linker script) that go into the text region.
> [You mean SIZEOF(.text) not SIZE(.text)...]
> This does not sound correct.  SIZEOF (.text) should return the size of the
> entire .text section, including any input sections that have been assigned
> there by the linker even though they were not mentioned in the linker
> script.  If you have a situation where the linker is not evaluating SIZEOF
> correctly then please report it - it is a bug.

It does work if the input section is assigned to the .text output
section - it doesn't if gets assigned to the text MEMORY region.


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