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binutils-cvs commit announcements

A bit of feedback about the current Git hook setup for commit emails:

The old CVS emails were nicer in that they were more descriptive.

The new ones have very long and somewhat useless subjects in the form:

"gdb and binutils branch binutils-2_24-branch updated.

How about this instead:

"gdb/binutils branch binutils-2_24-branch updated: First line of
commit message here, truncated to 80 chars (or less?) if necessary."

Or even this:

"gdb/binutils: First line of commit message here, truncated to 80
chars (or less?) if necessary. on branch branch binutils-2_24-branch"

And yes, I understand that it's being done on a per-push basis, rather
than per commit as before, so either choose the first commit or last
in the case of more than one, and add "plus 6 more..." or send N
emails for N commits? This is how it was before, after all.

The hash is in full in the email and means nothing to almost anyone,
even a die-hard Git fan. If someone wants it in the subject, then it'd
be better to cut it off at 6,7, or 8 characters, rather than the full

My 2c. It just seems a shame as before you could see what they were up
front and ignore the uninteresting ones. Now you either have to open
all of them and read everything, or ignore the lot. I was reading
certain commits before, but now I could only do it based on the
author, which isn't useful if the commits are in the form of a
supplied patch.

Does anyone object to or disagree with these "improvements"? Discuss!



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