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Re: [patch]: ld set pseudo-relocation version 2 as default for x86 pe targets

2009/11/6 Dave Korn <>:
> ?Fair enough. ?I think it would be a good plan long-term to try and get rid
> of all the #ifdeffery there and replace it by variables defined in the
> emulparams scripts, and I don't think it's really all that obscure a location
> to have definitions; the curly braces make it clear that it's a shell
> variable, not a #define, and so it ought to be obvious that there's no other
> place it could have come from, but I won't ask you to worry about that now.

Well, for some I agree. But for example the UNDERSCORING default is
already present in target bfd structure. So in those scripts there
should be just those definitions, which aren't already present in
other locations. But in general I agree that it would be very good to
minimize some of this #if guard magic. Especially some files in bfd
are here really gross.


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