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Re: [patch]: ld set pseudo-relocation version 2 as default for x86 pe targets

2009/11/6 Dave Korn <>:
> ?Rather than YA "#ifdef i386" in the .em file, how about adding the
> definition of DEFAULT_PSEUDO_RELOC_VERSION=2 to the relevant emulparams script
> files and use ${DEFAULT_PSEUDO_RELOC_VERSION:-1} in the .em file?

Well, I think that this emulscripts are tending to collect parameters
nobody maintains here (as my last cleanup patch for them had shown for
me). So I think it is more clear to keep such default values in
source, as people begin to search here for them, but well, this is
just my opinion.

> ?Also, any reason not to keep pep.em in sync here? ?That'd be one advantage
> of avoiding the #ifdef: you could apply the same change to both emulscripts
> and just not define the default anywhere you didn't want to change it.

This isn't necessary (and even makes no sense for x64 at all), as x64
depends on version 2. Version 1 is not usable for x64 pe at all. So
there is just version 2 as default in fact. The mechanism version one
is based on, can't handle different relocation sizes, which is a must
for x64.

> ? ?cheers,
> ? ? ?DaveK

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