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[PATCH][ARM] Fix ARM stub misalignment problem caused by cortex-a8 erratum stubs.


    This fixes a problem where cortex-a8 erratum stubs cause some ARM
stubs to be not 32-bit aligned.  This is tested for arm-eabi on an
x86_64 hosts by running the linker tests.


2009-07-30  Doug Kwan  <>


        * elf32-arm.c (arm_build_one_stub): Align section size increment by
        8 byte.
        (elf32_arm_size_stubs): Align cortex-a8 erratum stubs by 8 byte.


        * ld-arm/arm-elf.exp: Add new test cortex-a8-fix-alignment
        * ld-arm/cortex-a8-fix-alignment.d: New file
        * ld-arm/cortex-a8-fix-alignment.s: New file
        * ld-arm/cortex-a8-fix-alignment2.s: New file
        * ld-arm/cortex-a8-fix-b-rel-thumb.d: Adjust test for new stub
        * ld-arm/cortex-a8-fix-b.d: Same.
        * ld-arm/cortex-a8-fix-bcc-rel-thumb.d: Same.
        * ld-arm/cortex-a8-fix-bcc.d: Same.
        * ld-arm/cortex-a8-fix-bl-rel-arm.d: Same.
        * ld-arm/cortex-a8-fix-bl-rel-thumb.d: Same.
        * ld-arm/cortex-a8-fix-bl.d: Same.
        * ld-arm/cortex-a8-fix-blx-rel-arm.d: Same.
        * ld-arm/cortex-a8-fix-blx-rel-thumb.d: Same.
        * ld-arm/cortex-a8-fix-blx.d: Same.
        * ld-arm/farcall-group-size2.d: Same.
        * ld-arm/farcall-group.d: Same.
        * ld-arm/farcall-mix.d: Same.
        * ld-arm/farcall-mix2.d: Same.
        * ld-arm/farcall-mixed-lib.d: Same.

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