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ld selective link test failure


The ld selective link tests are failing for me and I'm not sure how I
can improve the situation. What appears to happen is that configure
sets CC_FOR_TARGET to arch-linux-uclibc-cc in the top-level Makefile,
which causes that value to be passed to dejagnu as the value of CC.

The selective link tests have this check:

    # It's either C or C++ at the moment.
    if { $testtype == "C++" } {
        set testflags "$cflags $cxxflags"
        set compiler "$CXX"
        if [string match "*gcc*" [lindex $CC 0]] {
            # Starting with 3.4.0, -fvtable-gc is no longer supported and thus
            # the functionality we try to test for cannot be expected to work.
            set version [remote_exec host "$CC -dumpversion"]
            set version [lindex $version 1]
            if [regexp "^(\[1-9\]\[0-9\]+|\[4-9\]|3.(\[1-9\]\[0-9\]+|\[4-9\]))\\
\." $version] {
                setup_xfail {*-*-*}
    } {

CC in this case is gcc, but the arch-linux-uclibc-cc symlink to gcc,
so this check does not trigger and the C++ tests fail. Is there a
better way to test for gcc?

I'm using an already installed cross toolchain which is in my path and
binutils 2.19.


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