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Re: Patch submission requirements.

  Hello Nick:

  First of all, thanks a lot for answering.

Nick Clifton wrote:

> Hi RaÃl,
>>   I'm currently have a patchset working on 2.17 that I'm trying to port
>>   to
>> 2.18.50. The main author of the patch is unknown, but I'm trying to find
>> out who could be. So far I'm treating that information as public domain
>> so I hope it can be relicensed to GPL after my modifications.
> This may be a problem if the original author did not put their work into
> the public domain.  Please do make your best efforts to contact them and
> ascertain if they agree to the donation.

  I was already aware of the importance of this, so I will do my best.

>>   As I've been told on the #gcc development channel, I need to fill in
>>   some
>> forms before I'm able to add any contribution upstream. Hence I'm asking
>> here to know what the requirements are.

  I forgot to say that I'm doing most of these taks in working time, this
means that my work is "owned" by my company. How this affects to the
following points?

> The requirements are:
>    1. You have an FSF copyright assignment on file with the FSF for
>       contributions to the binutils project.  I have attached a form to
>       start the application process if you do not already have one.
>    2. The original author should ideally also have an FSF copyright
>    assignment
>       in place.  If not you must be able to show that they have released
>       the copyright on their work into the public domain and that however
>       it was licensed when it was released, that license is compatible
>       with the code being relicensed under the GPLv3.

>    3. As you suggested:
>>   Â Applying cleanly.
>>   Â Don't break anything.
>>   Â Don't fix if it's not broken.
>>   Â Unified diff format.
>      Plus:
>      * Contains ChangeLog entries for the patches.
>      * Documents any new command line options or targets in the
>      appropriate
>        places (gas/doc, ld/ld.texinfo, binutils/doc/binutils.texi,
>        gas/NEWS, ld/NEWS).
>      * Contains new assembler and linker testsuite directories to check
>      the
>        particulars of the new port.
>      * Follows the GNU Coding Standards:


> Cheers
>    Nick

RaÃl SÃnchez Siles

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