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Re: [PATCH, arm] Support for Thumb PLT entries with interwork

> I've been in some discussion (off-line) with Adam concerning it.  I'd like 
> whatever we do in this respect to be compatible with the EABI, and it's 
> still not clear what we want to do for that here.

Nick, sorry for taking the thread off-line but I wanted to check with
Richard if he was OK with the updated patch.

BTW, there is a related GCC patch
( that I don't
think has any ABI implications.  Can you please take a look at it.

> *If* we decide that this is how the EABI should do things, then the code 
> is probably OK; but I'd rather we made that decision first than had yet 
> another potential incompatibility.

Richard, how far do you think the EABI should go in specifying the PLT
(for Thumb, ARM and interwork).  I think the rule of thumb :) is that
an application/shared library built by one tool chain should be able
to work (link and dynamically link) with another shared library built
by another tool chain.


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