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Re: [Revised patch] Rework MIPS command-line handling writes:
> > Well, gas doesn't recognise meabi.  I haven't added it as part of this
> > patch because there isn't anything we can do with it yet.
> >
> > BTW, GCC just doesn't pass an ABI flag in this case.  I guess
> > changes.html should read: "ELF configurations will always pass an ABI
> > flag to the assembler, except when the MIPS EABI is selected.".
> Hmm.  So, does gas then produce correct meabi binaries 'naturally' in
> this case?

Sort of.  The only checks of the ABI in gas are for:

   - setting the ELF ABI flags (MEABI doesn't have one according to
        version 1.0B of the spec)

   - setting the ELF "32-bit" flag (I think MEABI should if using a
        64-bit arch, since we have no other way of telling between
        32- and 64-bit mode)

   - checking for a NewABI (MEABI isn't)

   - determining register size (MEABI accepts either size)

All the MEABI comments apply to NO_ABI too, so they are
handled in the same way at the moment.

> "The n64 ABI" (but even then, not being a texinfo master, i suspect
> that 'n64' should be formatted specially 8-)...

Well, I'll no texinfo master either.  Next version will use
"The n64 ABI" (as-is) if no-one objects...


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