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Re: [Revised patch] Rework MIPS command-line handling

At Tue, 23 Jul 2002 08:23:20 +0000 (UTC), "Richard Sandiford" wrote:
> Maybe
> convert is_isa to a bitmask of flags?

Maybe.  can be done later.  8-)

> Well, gas doesn't recognise meabi.  I haven't added it as part of this
> patch because there isn't anything we can do with it yet.
> BTW, GCC just doesn't pass an ABI flag in this case.  I guess
> changes.html should read: "ELF configurations will always pass an ABI
> flag to the assembler, except when the MIPS EABI is selected.".

Hmm.  So, does gas then produce correct meabi binaries 'naturally' in
this case?

If not: Shouldn't it suffer the same fate as other options which are
specified by which don't have the desired result (e.g. various options
w/ SGI assember), i.e., flag is passed, and (probably) an error is
signaled?  8-)

> > > ! The default size of ints, longs and pointers depends on the ABI@.
> > > ! All the supported ABIs use 32-bit ints.  n64 uses 64-bit longs, as does
> > 
> > @samp{n64} ?
> Wanted to name the ABI rather than the -mabi argument.
> How about "SGI's n64 ABI"?

There's someting to that, but it will also be used by Linux and other
operating systems so saying "SGI's" here may be misleading.

"The n64 ABI" (but even then, not being a texinfo master, i suspect
that 'n64' should be formatted specially 8-)...

(SGI seems to be of two minds about N32 and presumably N64
capitalization.  In the IRIX 6.5 MIPSpro N32 ABI Handbooky they define
the names of the ABIs as lower case, but they they seem to use "n32"
and "N32" interchangeably in text...)

(I was surprised, looking at said book, that they actually _do_ refer
to n64 as n64 occasionally!  I didn't realize that)


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