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Re: copy_private_bfd_data in bfd/elf.c question


Are you acting as the 2.13 release manager?  I would like to know if it
is too late to get this patch in for 2.13?  I see that today is the
planned freeze date.  The full patch is at and it
fixes a bug in objcopy & strip on the HP-UX IA64 platform.

I probably wouldn't call this fix critical, mainly because this platform
is not very widespread yet.  But without the patch objcopy and strip are
unusable on HP-UX IA64.  Perhaps we could put it into the branch for a
future 2.13.1 release if you don't want to risk putting it in to 2.13 at
this late date.

Steve Ellcey

> Date: 23 Jul 2002 12:19:54 +0100
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> Hi Reva.
> >     Thanks so much for the patch!  I tried it out on HP-UX/IA-64
> > with objcopy and strip and it worked for me.  Could you check these
> > changes in as I do not have write access?
> I have checked the patch into the mainline sources.
> > Would it be possible to get these changes into the 2.13 branch as
> > well as the mainline?
> Hmm, well that would be up to Daniel.  Since the patch is adding a new
> "feature" I would be reluctant to apply it, but since this feature
> fixes a bug with the HP-UX IA-64 port I might be tempted to accept it.
> Cheers
>         Nick
> > 2002-07-19  Nick Clifton  <>
> >
> >         * elf-bfd.h (struct elf_backend_data): Add new bitfield
> >         'want_p_paddr_set_zero'.
> >         * elfxx-target.h: Set default value for want_p_paddr_set_zero
> >         to false;
> >         * elfxx-ia64.c: Set want_p_paddr_set_zero for HPUX target.
> >         * elf.c (copy_private_bfd_data): Test want_p_paddr_set_zero.

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