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Re: [PATCH/RFA] elf64-alpha: Don't put DT_PLTGOT dynamic if no PLT

On Fri, Jul 19, 2002 at 08:16:59PM +0930, Alan Modra wrote:

 > On Thu, Jul 18, 2002 at 01:57:11PM -0700, Jason R Thorpe wrote:
 > > The problem occurs when a shared object contains no external references,
 > > and thus has no PLT.  elf64_alpha_size_dynamic_sections() inserts a
 > > DT_PLTGOT entry anyway, which confuses the dynamic linker, resulting in
 > > a crash.
 > So, it's really a NetBSD dynamic linker bug?

It seems more like a BFD bug, to me; it told the dynamic linker there
was a PLT when in fact there was not.  How is this not a BFD bug?

A quick random sampling of a few other ELF back-ends shows that they
also do not add DT_PLTGOT if a PLT is not present... alpha was the
odd man out.

 > > 	* elf64-alpha.c (elf64_alpha_size_dynamic_sections): Only insert
 > > 	DT_PLTGOT into the dynamic section if there is a PLT.
 > I'm fairly certain this won't cause any problem with glibc based
 > systems, so the patch is OK everywhere.  Give Richard Henderson
 > a day or two to nak it before committing though.  Hey Richard,
 > why aren't you listed as binutils alpha maintainer?

Yah, I was hoping (expecting? :-) Richard would confirm this wouldn't be
a problem for Linux systems...

Once I hear an OK from Richard, it might be a couple of days before
I check it in, though, as I'm leaving for a short vacation tomorrow.

        -- Jason R. Thorpe <>

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