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Re: --enable-auto-import extension

egor duda wrote:

Someone suggested that one can do 'cmp -i 150 old.dll new.dll', or
whatever offset timestamp is located at.

Ok, i've finalized patch and test. I suppose i have a copyright
assignment with FSF for this changes to get incorporated into official
sources. As far as i understand, i have to get an assignment form from
binutils maintainer, right?

The new version looks good to me; I built and ran your test without problems. I do have a suggestion for later, when --enable-runtime-pseudo-reloc is made the default: in pe-dll.c (around line 2209) change

if (pe_dll_extra_pe_debug)
printf ("creating runtime pseudo-reloc entry for %s (addend=%d)\n",
fixup_name, addend);


if (link_info.pei386_runtime_pseudo_reloc == -1)
info_msg (_("creating runtime pseudo-reloc entry for %s (addend=%d)\n"),
fixup_name, addend);

So that if pseudo_reloc is implicitly enabled, print messages for each psuedo-reloc entry (but not all that other pe_dll_extra_pe_debug stuff). It's not a warning, but its info the user probably needs to know if he didn't explicitly say "--enable-runtime-pseudo-reloc".

But that's not important until AFTER pseudo-reloc is made the default.

The business with fork() and -DNO_RUNTIME_PSEUDO_RELOC_SUPPORT stuff in your example is a bit confusing -- do you have some pending patches to cygwin1.dll?


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