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Re: [PATCH' RFA] fix generation of MIPS -membedded-pic jumps

At 12 Feb 2002 15:44:21 -0800, Chris G. Demetriou wrote:
> Given that, _really_, no i mean really, this change doesn't impact
> anything other than these particular -membedded-pic relocs, I didn't
> go to the trouble of a gcc+sim check.  I can if people want me to.

Eric wanted me to.  (meanie!)

diffs between 'gmake check-gcc check-gas' summaries from a clean and dirty
tree are below.

ironically, it pointed out a botch in the last-minute changes I made
to the new jal-empic-elf-2 test (ripped some bits out of the .s, that
were duplicated in jal-empic-elf-3), and that i screwed up the name of
the jal-empic-elf-3 test.  8-)

Other than that, all was Just Fine.

In case anybody's wondering, the current stats for a clean tree
(assembled approximately as described in the gcc web pages'
instructions, w/ sources as of early this evening) go like:

SAVE.clean/gas_testsuite_gas.sum:# of expected passes           153
SAVE.clean/gas_testsuite_gas.sum:# of expected failures         1

SAVE.clean/gcc_testsuite_g++.sum:# of expected passes           6809
SAVE.clean/gcc_testsuite_g++.sum:# of unexpected failures       29
SAVE.clean/gcc_testsuite_g++.sum:# of unexpected successes      1
SAVE.clean/gcc_testsuite_g++.sum:# of expected failures         93
SAVE.clean/gcc_testsuite_g++.sum:# of untested testcases                29
SAVE.clean/gcc_testsuite_g++.sum:# of unsupported tests         1

SAVE.clean/gcc_testsuite_g77.sum:# of expected passes           395
SAVE.clean/gcc_testsuite_g77.sum:# of unexpected failures       529
SAVE.clean/gcc_testsuite_g77.sum:# of unresolved testcases      21
SAVE.clean/gcc_testsuite_g77.sum:# of untested testcases                410
SAVE.clean/gcc_testsuite_g77.sum:# of unsupported tests         9

SAVE.clean/gcc_testsuite_gcc.sum:# of expected passes           17380
SAVE.clean/gcc_testsuite_gcc.sum:# of unexpected failures       45
SAVE.clean/gcc_testsuite_gcc.sum:# of expected failures         62
SAVE.clean/gcc_testsuite_gcc.sum:# of unresolved testcases      58
SAVE.clean/gcc_testsuite_gcc.sum:# of unsupported tests         113

SAVE.clean/gcc_testsuite_objc.sum:# of expected passes          1036
SAVE.clean/gcc_testsuite_objc.sum:# of unexpected failures      6

That's really quite a dismal number of failures, IMO...

diff -x *.log -r SAVE.clean/gas_testsuite_gas.sum SAVE.dirty/gas_testsuite_gas.sum
< Test Run By cgd on Tue Feb 12 19:42:23 2002
> Test Run By cgd on Tue Feb 12 21:38:42 2002
> PASS: MIPS jal-empic-elf
> FAIL: MIPS jal-empic-elf-2
> PASS: MIPS jal-empic-elf-2
< # of expected passes		153
> # of expected passes		155
> # of unexpected failures	1
diff -x *.log -r SAVE.clean/gcc_testsuite_g++.sum SAVE.dirty/gcc_testsuite_g++.sum
< Test Run By cgd on Tue Feb 12 19:16:39 2002
> Test Run By cgd on Tue Feb 12 21:13:42 2002
diff -x *.log -r SAVE.clean/gcc_testsuite_g77.sum SAVE.dirty/gcc_testsuite_g77.sum
< Test Run By cgd on Tue Feb 12 19:33:34 2002
> Test Run By cgd on Tue Feb 12 21:30:42 2002
diff -x *.log -r SAVE.clean/gcc_testsuite_gcc.sum SAVE.dirty/gcc_testsuite_gcc.sum
< Test Run By cgd on Tue Feb 12 18:47:41 2002
> Test Run By cgd on Tue Feb 12 20:45:06 2002
diff -x *.log -r SAVE.clean/gcc_testsuite_objc.sum SAVE.dirty/gcc_testsuite_objc.sum
< Test Run By cgd on Tue Feb 12 19:38:02 2002
> Test Run By cgd on Tue Feb 12 21:35:06 2002

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