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Need Help on Symbol/Variable Name Problem

I hope I am addressing this question ot the right forum.  I apologize in
advance if my topic below is not for this forum.

Is there a way to write an assembly code so that two different symbols
(actually global variable names) get resolved to the same memory location?

I am porting old software written in C and Pascal.  Using GNU C and Pascal
compilers, I have a problem with the global variable names which GNU Pascal
transforms to uppercase first character and lowercase for the rest and GCC not
making any changes to the variable name.  So a variable name TestVar will be
transformed to Testvar in GNU Pascal.  Our C source file convention declares
the variable names as all lower case; e.g. testvar. I would like the linker to
allocate the same memory location for Testvar and testvar.  I know about
asmname and __asm__ directives and have used them were practical.  However, I
have around 10 global variables which are used in a couple of hundred of C and
Pascal source file modules and I would like to avoid editing the files just to
add the asmname directive.

Thanks in advance for any assistance extended.


Jing Gloria
Texas Instruments
Sherman, TX

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