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ld auto-import broken? (was: Re: ld auto-import)

Hallo Christopher,

04.02.2002, 12:57, es wurde gemailt:

>>>>> Seems to me the auto-import feature of ld is extremely broken; a separate
>>>>> DLL reference seems to be made for every auto-imported symbol.

>>>> BTW, which version of ld are you using?

>>> I am using GNU ld version 2.11.90. I think it's the version from the
>>> kde-cygwin sourceforge page.
>>> The attached output was generated using dumpbin.exe from MSVC++.

>> Are there special patches in this version?  I always use the standard
>> cygwin version of the binutils.

> See these links for the patches and README file for this version:

Hmm, then this is not the current version of the binutils ld.
Maybe there are some changes in the current (CVS) binutils (ld)?

At least the auto-import feature is included there for a while now.

Please can you try the ld from the current Cygwin release so we'll see
if it is the same 'problem' there.
And can someone verify if it is a problem at all?


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