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Re: ld auto-import

Hallo Gerrit,

04.02.2002, 01:20, es wurde gemailt:

>>>Seems to me the auto-import feature of ld is extremely broken; a separate
>>>DLL reference seems to be made for every auto-imported symbol.

>> That means there is a different way possible to reference
>> symbols?  Would that speed up the loading of symbols?

>> What is 'dependancy walker', is it available for download
>> somewhere or what do I need to buy to get it?
> The Dependancy Walker (depends.exe) is part of the Platform SDK which you
> get with MSVC++ or you can download from MSDN.

Yep, I have this.

> I don't know anything about ld internals, but I observed that normally, for
> Windows executable files, there is one entry for each DLL the executable
> file is dependant upon and for each DLL there is a list of imports from that
> DLL that need to be patched up. ld, on the other hand, under some
> circumstances ends up creating a separate DLL entry for each function that
> is imported. I don't know whether this is a side effect of the way object
> files are merged.
> To give you an idea of how many superfluous entries there are,
> cygkdecore-3.dll has 8564 references to qt-2-3.dll. The attached file
> demonstrates the problem. Notice how there is one entry for qt-2-3.dll at
> the top with a number of imported symbols in it. Then under that there are
> 8563 entries, all for qt-2-3.dll again, each with a single symbol under it.
> These symbols, I believe, are the ones imported using the auto-import
> mechanism, although I may be wrong. These symbols should be merged and
> appear under a single qt-2-3.dll entry.

Hmm, looks really wrong.  Should be the same for qt.dll as it is for the
cygwin.dll and the others.

>> BTW, which version of ld are you using?

> I am using GNU ld version 2.11.90. I think it's the version from the
> kde-cygwin sourceforge page.
> The attached output was generated using dumpbin.exe from MSVC++.

Are there special patches in this version?  I always use the standard cygwin
version of the binutils.


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