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Re: include/dis-asm.h patch for cgen disassemblers

Hi -

cagney wrote:

> The PS2 has a number of ISAs on a single chip.  [...]

I hope you're not just yanking my chain.  You should realize that
the PS2 processor chip is more of a system-on-a-chip, with distinct
processors on one die.  The fact that they are on the same chip
is a fabrication decision, absurd to contemplate during bfd modelling.

> that would be #2 above.  The question is then, is this the most 
> applicable model and acceptable to BFD/BINUTILS? [...]

I don't really care -- it has no bearing on the current issue.

Maybe you are confusing the term "ISA" with the concept of a
"manual" or "book".  Maybe you are confusing an overall
architecture by a list of instructions that some implementation
of some architecture may execute in some modes.  Maybe you are
confusing my intent of using the "isas" field (to identify subsets
of the instruction sets implemented by the current arch/mach) with
some imagined plan to replace arch/mach.

Please get unconfused, for example by thinking about the
relationship between arm & thumb instructions.  Hint: a single
program can contain both.  Such an executable file can be
marked with a single bfd_arch/mach tag pair.  The processor
switches its interpretation of instruction memory contents
based upon internal run-time state.

- FChE

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