Project Archer

Project Archer is a gdb development branch primarily dedicated to improving the C++ debugging experience. However, other modifications to gdb may be attempted on the branch as well.

Getting the source

Archer is hosted in a git repository. You can clone it using:

{i} The git:// scheme is not recommended for read-write access. If you intend to push to the Archer repo, use the ssh:// scheme.

Then you can check out and track the trunk using:

BRANCHNAME must be the specific branch of the Archer project. There is currently no single merged branch of the whole project. See ArcherBranchManagement for the available branches.

Contacting Archer developers

Archer has its own mailing list (and as gmane group gmane.comp.debugging.archer).

You can also find the Archer developers on the gdb irc channel, aka #gdb.

Archer also has a read-only commits mailing list. All commits to the git repository are also sent to this list. Feel free to follow-up posts to the commits list to the main archer list.

To subscribe to a list, you can either send email to the standard -subscribe address, or you can fill out the form about halfway down this page.


The Archer project consists of a number of sub-projects. Initially the Archer mandate was to improve the C++ debugging experience, but since then it has broadened a bit.

Specific tasks that go into a sub-project are generally tracked in gdb's bugzilla and tagged with the archer keyword. You can use this search to find all the open archer-related bugs.


We have a few screencasts of Archer in action.


Completed Projects

We've completed a number of tasks and put some others on hold. We record these for posterity. The text here is directly taken from our old task list, so it is mostly phrased in the negative.

Ongoing Projects

Projects which are being developed.


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