This page acts as a reference for the various projects hosted in the cygwin-apps git repository.

The list of cygwin-apps projects under git control is available via GITWeb:

base-files - A set of important system configuration and setup files

calm - Cygwin server-side packaging maintenance script

crypt - a library implementing the hopelessly outdated 56 bit DES encryption

csih - Cygwin service installation helper, a helper script and tools to create service installation scripts

cygport - the Cygwin package building tool

cygrunsrv - a wrapper for unix daemons to make them controllable as windows services

cygutils - Chuck Wilson's collection of Cygwin utilities

editrights - A helper tool to change user privileges

genini - Script to create setup.ini files on a local machine

login - The unix login(1), tweaked for Cygwin

mt - The unix mt(1) tool with Cygwin-specific extensions

rebase - The rebase tool, core of the automatic rebase facility during postinstall

robots - The game; Fight against maniac robots

run - Launch cmdline programs with hidden console

setup - the official Cygwin setup program used to install Cygwin and keep it up to date.

shutdown - Shutdown, reboot, hibernate or suspend the machine.

windows-default-manifest - The manifest each executable has to be linked against since Windows 8.1

xorg-doc - Cygwin XOrg documentation

htdocs - The cygwin-apps website files