Bug 3289 - register set numbering remapping
Summary: register set numbering remapping
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Product: frysk
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Version: unspecified
: P2 normal
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Assignee: Nurdin Premji
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Reported: 2006-09-29 19:38 UTC by Stan Cox
Modified: 2008-06-11 20:03 UTC (History)
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Description Stan Cox 2006-09-29 19:38:09 UTC
The register numbering is different between
frysk-imports/lib/unwind/RegisterX86.java (ebp=6) and
frysk-imports/libunwind/src/x86/unwind_i.h (ebp=5).
frysk-imports/lib/unwind/RegisterAMD64.java (rbp=6) and
frysk-imports/libunwind/src/x86_64/unwind_i.h (rbp=6) match.
Comment 1 Stan Cox 2006-11-29 15:27:05 UTC
There are at least the following register orderings below. For expression
evaluation remapping is done to go from unwind to dwarf.

CoredumpAction.java does remapping to go to user.h ordering.  Perhaps we need a
generic way to do this?

dwarf	dwarf	unw	unw	user.h	user.h
686	68664	686	68664	68664	686

eax 	%rax	eax	rax	r15	ebx
ecx 	%rbx	edx	rdx	r14	ecx
edx 	%rcx	ecx	rcx	r13	edx
ebx 	%rdx	ebx	rbx	r12	esi
esp 	%rsi	esi	rsi	rbp	edi
ebp 	%rdi	edi	rdi	rbx	ebp
esi 	%rbp	ebp	rbp	r11	eax
edi 	%rsp	esp	rsp	r10	ds
eip 	%r8	eip	r8	r9	es
eflags 	%r15	eflags	r9	r8	fs
cs 	%rip	trapno	r10	rax	gs
ss 	%eflags	st0	r11	rcx	orig_eax
ds 	%cs	st1	r12	rdx	eip
es 	%ss	st2	or13	rsi	cs
fs 	%ds			rdi	eflags
gs 	%es				esp
Comment 2 Unassigned 2006-11-29 16:24:26 UTC
The players:

-> .debug_info

This contains location expressions (and location lists) that describe how to
find the value of a variable.  They use ISA's DWARF 2 ABI register numbers when
needing to refer to a value in a register of a given frame.

-> .debug_frame

This contains unwind information that makes it possible to re-construct the
value of registers (at least most) for a given frame.  The frame, with the
re-constructed register values, is then used by location expressions.  Again the
registers are (ignoring gcc bugs :-) numbered using the ISA's DWARF 2 ABI
register numbering.

-> libunwind

Libunwind, has its own idea of how to number registers that doesn't correspond
to DWARF 2.  Internally, libunwind maps to/from DWARF 2 register numbers, and
assumes its call-backs do similar mapping onto ISA registers.

For 32on64, libunwind _should_ be using 32-bit register numbers?

-> frysk.proc.Task.registers

The "hardware" or "raw" registers.  These are the registers as defined by the
ISA and it is the ISA that specifies how to layout the register buffer.

-> ptrace or core

The interface for hardware registers.  These provide a mechanism for supplying
the ISA registers to each task.


From the point-of-view of .debug_info, the code needs to ensure that it is
consistently mapping its DWARF 2 ABI register numbers to that of libunwind. 
That is, uses an ABI method to project the dwarf 2 number onto the libunwind number.

libunwind then uses its internal register numbers to do magic, and using
callbacks to request corresponding ISA registers.  Importantly, 32on64 libunwind
should talk pure i368.

The task then takes the ISA register and projects it onto the underlying ptrace
or core layout.
Comment 3 Andrew Cagney 2008-06-11 20:03:25 UTC
commit 36cbe1fc173c54cd2936407a54ab7a45fd0612a9
Author: Nurdin Premji <npremji@redhat.com>
Date:   Wed Aug 1 18:50:15 2007 +0000

        * DebugInfoEvaluator.java (AccessMemory.getBufferAddr):
        Use DwarfRegisterMapsFactory.
        (AccessRegisters.getRegister): Added.
        (getReg): Use getRegister.
        (getByte): Use Frame.getRegisterValue instead of Frame.getRegister.
        (getDouble): Ditto.
        (getFloat): Ditto.
        (getInt): Ditto.
        (getLong): Ditto.
        (getShort): Ditto.
        * DwarfRegisterMapFactory.java: Added.