Bug 30605 - New locale for Komi language
Summary: New locale for Komi language
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Product: glibc
Classification: Unclassified
Component: localedata (show other bugs)
Version: unspecified
: P2 normal
Target Milestone: 2.39
Assignee: Mike FABIAN
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Reported: 2023-07-02 11:01 UTC by Кирилл Изместьев
Modified: 2024-01-11 12:41 UTC (History)
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Locale for Komi language (1.49 KB, text/plain)
2023-07-02 11:01 UTC, Кирилл Изместьев
Locale for Komi language - kv (1.46 KB, text/plain)
2023-07-19 20:18 UTC, Кирилл Изместьев
Locale for Komi language - kv (modified to show a day without leading zero) (1.46 KB, text/plain)
2023-07-24 15:49 UTC, Кирилл Изместьев

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Description Кирилл Изместьев 2023-07-02 11:01:47 UTC
Created attachment 14952 [details]
Locale for Komi language

I have created locale file for Komi language. Finno-Ugric people in Russia, the indigenous population of the Komi Republic. I suppose, it should be 
added to upstream. The locale was checked by the interregional laboratory for information support of the functioning of the Finno-Ugric languages. File as an attachment.
Comment 1 sokolov.andrey.yurevich 2023-07-19 19:19:36 UTC
I suggest to use kv_RU as Komi locale name. The kv and kom codes are used for Komi language. Two-letter code is better, because most popular languages have two-letter code. So it will be fewer code length related issues. Some programs have not been tested for three-letter language codes.

Add please this line to the attached file
lang_ab      "kv"
Comment 2 Кирилл Изместьев 2023-07-19 20:18:43 UTC
Created attachment 14988 [details]
Locale for Komi language - kv

corrected file named kv with parameter lang_ab      "kv"
Comment 3 sokolov.andrey.yurevich 2023-07-24 12:46:23 UTC
Change please date_fmt to "%A, %Yʼ %B %-dʼ <U043B><U0443><U043D> %H:%M:%S %Z"

It would be better to show a day without leading zero
Comment 4 Кирилл Изместьев 2023-07-24 15:49:57 UTC
Created attachment 15007 [details]
Locale for Komi language - kv (modified to show a day without leading zero)
Comment 5 sokolov.andrey.yurevich 2023-11-18 14:27:34 UTC
LGTM. Thanks!
Comment 6 Mike FABIAN 2024-01-09 13:26:48 UTC

639-3	639-2/639-5	639-1	Language Name(s)	Scope	Language Type
koi				Komi-Permyak		Individual	Living
kom	kom		kv	Komi			Macrolanguage	Living
kpv				Komi-Zyrian		Individual	Living
Comment 7 Mike FABIAN 2024-01-09 13:27:15 UTC
Comment 8 Mike FABIAN 2024-01-09 13:28:15 UTC
No information yet in CLDR apparently.
Comment 9 Mike FABIAN 2024-01-09 13:46:00 UTC
I am a bit surprised by the values for yesexpr and noexpr:
yesexpr "^[+1yYДерт]"
noexpr  "^[-0nNОг]"

Usually, in yesexpr after +1yY there should be the first letter of the word for "yes" in Komi, in lower and in upper case. But there is Дерт. What is this? Is this the word for "yes" in Komi?

And in case of the noexpr, what is Ог? Is this the word for "no" in Komi?

Here is how it looks in the ru_RU locale:

$ grep -A 5 ^LC_MESSAGES ru_RU 
yesexpr "^[+1yYДд]"
noexpr  "^[-0nNНн]"
yesstr  "да"
nostr   "нет"

You did not supply "yesstr" and "nostr" in your kv_RU locale.
Comment 10 Mike FABIAN 2024-01-09 13:50:17 UTC
+lang_lib     "kom"
Comment 11 Sourceware Commits 2024-01-11 12:36:47 UTC
The master branch has been updated by Mike Fabian <mfabian@sourceware.org>:


commit dff5023a87fb4186d9b2e12880e8ba1b171aedf8
Author: Mike FABIAN <mfabian@redhat.com>
Date:   Tue Jan 9 14:29:20 2024 +0100

    localedata: add new locale kv_RU
    Resolves: BZ # 30605
Comment 12 Mike FABIAN 2024-01-11 12:41:58 UTC
Fixed in glibc master.

Please make a new bug report for improving the yesexpr, noexpr and adding yesstr nostr if you can!