Bug 22241 - New locale: Yakut (Sakha) locale for Russia (sah_RU)
Summary: New locale: Yakut (Sakha) locale for Russia (sah_RU)
Alias: None
Product: glibc
Classification: Unclassified
Component: localedata (show other bugs)
Version: unspecified
: P2 normal
Target Milestone: 2.28
Assignee: Mike FABIAN
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Reported: 2017-10-03 09:44 UTC by Valery Timiriliyev
Modified: 2018-08-01 05:52 UTC (History)
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sah_RU locale file for glibc (2.80 KB, text/plain)
2017-10-03 09:44 UTC, Valery Timiriliyev
A patch to add sah_RU language (3.19 KB, patch)
2018-06-19 22:42 UTC, Rafal Luzynski
Details | Diff
New patch to add sah_RU locale (2.89 KB, patch)
2018-07-06 05:53 UTC, Valery Timiriliyev
Details | Diff
New locale: Yakut (Sakha) (version 3) (3.95 KB, patch)
2018-07-13 10:56 UTC, Rafal Luzynski
Details | Diff
New locale: Yakut (Sakha) (version 4) (4.17 KB, patch)
2018-07-16 10:05 UTC, Rafal Luzynski
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Description Valery Timiriliyev 2017-10-03 09:44:04 UTC
Created attachment 10501 [details]
sah_RU locale file for glibc

Dear maintainers,

I created glibc locale data for Yakut (Sakha) language (sah_RU) and want to submit it.

Please find attached the locale definition for sah_RU to be
considered for inclusion in glibc.

Git repo: https://github.com/qfoxxy/glibc-sah_RU

Comment 1 Rafal Luzynski 2017-10-14 00:40:20 UTC
Comment on attachment 10501 [details]
sah_RU locale file for glibc

Thank you for providing this new locale file. Here is my review:

>escape_char  /
>comment_char  %

This is correct but I think there is no need to have two spaces after "escape_char" and "comment_char".

Also, as stated in bug 1123, here should be the legal formula starting with:
"% This file is part of the GNU C Library and contains locale data."

See: https://sourceware.org/git/?p=glibc.git;a=commitdiff;h=a4cea54

>% Yakut (Sakha) locale for Russian Federation
>% Source: Valery Timiriliyev
>% Email: timiriliyev@gmail.com
>% Tel: (none)
>% Fax: (none)

Probably it does not matter much but there is no need to put "none" in parentheses.

>% Language: sah
>% Territory: RU
>% Revision: 1.0.0
>% Date: 2017-10-02

Regarding the dates: please remember to update them when you deliver the new version.

>% Users: general
>% Repertoiremap: mnemonic,ds

I don't understand what is this "Repertoiremap" comment.  I suggest to remove it.

>% Charset: UTF-8

We have agreed to remove this line because this is misleading.  See:

>title      "Yakut (Sakha) locale for Russian Federation"
>source     "Valery Timiriliyev"
>address    ""
>contact    "Valery Timiriliyev"
>email      "timiriliyev@gmail.com"
>tel        ""
>fax        ""
>language   "Yakut (Sakha)"
>territory  "Russian Federation"
>revision   "1.0.0"
>date       "2017-10-02"
>category  "i18n:2012";LC_IDENTIFICATION
>category  "i18n:2012";LC_CTYPE
>category  "i18n:2012";LC_COLLATE
>category  "i18n:2012";LC_TIME
>category  "i18n:2012";LC_NUMERIC
>category  "i18n:2012";LC_MONETARY
>category  "i18n:2012";LC_MESSAGES
>category  "i18n:2012";LC_PAPER
>category  "i18n:2012";LC_MEASUREMENT
>category  "i18n:2012";LC_NAME
>category  "i18n:2012";LC_ADDRESS
>category  "i18n:2012";LC_TELEPHONE


>copy "ru_RU"

I haven't checked, are you sure that all Yakut-specific characters are already there?

>copy "iso14651_t1"
>collating-symbol <YAK-GHE>
>collating-symbol <YAK-ENG>
>collating-symbol <YAK-OE>
>collating-symbol <YAK-HE>
>collating-symbol <YAK-UE>
>reorder-after <CYR-GHE>
>reorder-after <CYR-EN>
>reorder-after <CYR-O>
>reorder-after <CYR-ES>
>reorder-after <CYR-OU>
>% Ò after Ð
>reorder-after <U0433>
>reorder-after <U0413>
>% Ò¤ after Ð
>reorder-after <U043D>
>reorder-after <U041D>
>% Ó¨ after Ð
>reorder-after <U043E>
>reorder-after <U041E>
>% Һ after С
>reorder-after <U0441>
>reorder-after <U0421>
>% Ү after У
>reorder-after <U0443>
>reorder-after <U0423>

I haven't tested this but I've compared the source code with the Yakut alphabet as described in Wikipedia.  Looks good.  Please ignore the Unicode issues of my browser. :-)

>% ISO 4217 Currency and fund codes
>% 'RUB '
>int_curr_symbol         "<U0052><U0055><U0042><U0020>"
>% 'â½'
>currency_symbol         "<U20BD>"
>% '.'
>mon_decimal_point       "<U002E>"
>% ' ' (no-break space)
>mon_thousands_sep       "<U00A0>"
>mon_grouping            3;3
>positive_sign           ""
>negative_sign           "<U002D>"
>int_frac_digits         2
>frac_digits             2
>p_cs_precedes           0
>p_sep_by_space          1
>n_cs_precedes           0
>n_sep_by_space          1
>p_sign_posn             1
>n_sign_posn             1

This section is identical to ru_RU so please consider using ”copy "ru_RU"” instead.

>% ","
>decimal_point           "<U002C>"
>% no-break space
>thousands_sep           "<U00A0>"
>grouping                3;3

The same here.

>% abday - The abbreviations for the week days:
>% - бн, оп, ÑÑ, Ñп, бÑ, Ñб, бÑ

THE MAJOR ISSUE HERE: The abday and day arrays must always start with Sunday.  If you want to display Monday first it will be specified elsewhere.
See also: https://sourceware.org/glibc/wiki/Locales#LC_TIME

>abday       "<U0431><U043D>";/
>            "<U043E><U043F>";"<U0441><U0440>";/

CLDR says that Wednesday abbreviation should be "сэ" while yours is "ср".  We tend to trust CLDR more so please consider changing to "сэ" or report an issue to CLDR.
See CLDR: http://st.unicode.org/cldr-apps/v#/sah/Gregorian/

>            "<U0447><U043F>";"<U0431><U0442>";/

Similar problem with Friday: CLDR says "бэ" while your version is "бт".  Again, please switch your version to CLDR or report an issue to CLDR.

>            "<U0441><U0431>";"<U0431><U0441>"
>% day - The full names of the week days:
>% - бÑнидиÑннÑик, опÑÑоÑÑннÑÑк, ÑÑÑÑдÑ,
>%   ÑÑппиÑÑ, бÑÑÑинÑÑ, ÑÑбÑоÑа, баÑкÑÒ»ÑаннÑа

Same problem with days order.

>day         "<U0431><U044D><U043D><U0438><U0434><U0438><U044D><U043D><U043D><U044C><U0438><U043A>";/
>            "<U043E><U043F><U0442><U0443><U043E><U0440><U0443><U043D><U043D><U044C><U0443><U043A>";/
>            "<U0441><U044D><U0440><U044D><U0434><U044D>";/
>            "<U0447><U044D><U043F><U043F><U0438><U044D><U0440>";/
>            "<U0431><U044D><U044D><U0442><U0438><U043D><U0441><U044D>";/

Friday: CLDR says "Бээтиҥсэ" while your version is "бээтинсэ".  I believe that it's CLDR's bug to start with the uppercase "Б" because all other letters are lowercase (please report an issue) but there is still the difference "ҥ" vs. "н".  Please switch to CLDR version or report an issue to CLDR.

>            "<U0441><U0443><U0431><U0443><U043E><U0442><U0430>";/
>            "<U0431><U0430><U0441><U043A><U044B><U04BB><U044B><U0430><U043D><U043D><U044C><U0430>"
>% abmon - The abbreviations for the months
>% - ÑоÑÑ, олÑн, кÑл, мÑÑÑ, Ñам, бÑÑ, оÑ, аÑÑÑ, бал, алÑ, ÑÑÑ, аÑÑ
>abmon       "<U0442><U043E><U0445><U0441>";"<U043E><U043B><U0443><U043D>";/
>            "<U043A><U0443><U043B>";"<U043C><U0443><U0443><U0441>";/

CLDR says "Клн" and "Мсу" here while your version is "кул" and "муус".  I believe it's CLDR bug to start with uppercase but I'd rather believe CLDR regarding other letters.  Regarding uppercase vs. lowercase: for the languages which don't need different grammatical cases for standalone vs. formatting month names CLDR suggests that standalone month names can start with uppercase while formatting can start with lowercase.

>            "<U044B><U0430><U043C>";"<U0431><U044D><U0441>";/
>            "<U043E><U0442>";"<U0430><U0442><U044B><U0440>";/

CLDR says "Отй and "Атр" here while your version is "от" and "атыр".  Same comment as above.

>            "<U0431><U0430><U043B>";"<U0430><U043B><U0442>";/

September: CLDR says "Блҕ" while your version is "бал".  Same comment as above.

>            "<U0441><U044D><U0442>";"<U0430><U0445><U0441>"
>% mon - The full names of the months -
>% - ÑоÑÑÑннÑÑ, олÑннÑÑ, кÑлÑн ÑÑÑаÑ, мÑÑÑ ÑÑÑаÑ, Ñам Ñйа
>%   бÑÑ Ñйа, Ð¾Ñ Ñйа, аÑÑÑдÑÐ°Ñ Ñйа, балаÒан Ñйа, алÑÑннÑÑ
>%   ÑÑÑиннÑи, аÑÑÑннÑÑ

I suggest adding commas after the month names at the end of each line to avoid confusion.  One may think that "ыам ыйа бэс ыйа" is a single month name with a line broken inside.

>mon         "<U0442><U043E><U0445><U0441><U0443><U043D><U043D><U044C><U0443>";/
>            "<U043E><U043B><U0443><U043D><U043D><U044C><U0443>";/
>            "<U043A><U0443><U043B><U0443><U043D><U0020><U0442><U0443><U0442><U0430><U0440>";/
>            "<U043C><U0443><U0443><U0441><U0020><U0443><U0441><U0442><U0430><U0440>";/
>            "<U044B><U0430><U043C><U0020><U044B><U0439><U0430>";/

I am confused here: CLDR says "ыам ыйа" if the month name is standalone (same as your version so probably it is correct) but "Ыам ыйын" when it is in a formatting context.  Which version is correct, modulo upper/lowercase?

>            "<U0431><U044D><U0441><U0020><U044B><U0439><U0430>";/
>            "<U043E><U0442><U0020><U044B><U0439><U0430>";/
>            "<U0430><U0442><U044B><U0440><U0434><U044C><U0430><U0445><U0020><U044B><U0439><U0430>";/
>            "<U0431><U0430><U043B><U0430><U0495><U0430><U043D><U0020><U044B><U0439><U0430>";/

Same comment everywhere above.  Additionally, for August CLDR consequently says "атырдьых" while your version says "атырдьах".  Please fix.

>            "<U0430><U043B><U0442><U044B><U043D><U043D><U044C><U044B>";/
>            "<U0441><U044D><U0442><U0438><U043D><U043D><U044C><U0438>";/
>            "<U0430><U0445><U0441><U044B><U043D><U043D><U044C><U044B>"

Probably correct; please read again my comment about lower/uppercase letters in CLDR.

>% Abreviated date and time representation to be referenced by the "%c" field descriptor -

Typo: s/Abreviated/Abbreviated, and please don't exceed 80 chars per line.

>% "%a" (short weekday name),
>% "%d" (day of month as a decimal number),
>% "%b" (short month name),
>% "%Y" (year with century as a decimal number),
>% "%T" (24-hour clock time in format HH:MM:SS),
>% "%Z" (Time zone name)
>d_t_fmt "%a %Y Ñ. %b %d к. %T (%Z)"

Please don't use non-ASCII characters in the data.  We have agreed to use the ASCII characters directly so it is correct to write "%a %Y" but "с" should be "<U0441>" instead.

>% Date representation to be referenced by the "%x" field descriptor -
>% "%d/%m/%Y", day/month/year as decimal numbers (01/01/2000).
>d_fmt       "%Y.%m.%d"
>% Time representation to be referenced by the "%X" field descriptor -
>% "%T" (24-hour clock time in format HH:MM:SS)
>t_fmt       "%T"
>% Define representation of ante meridiem and post meridiem strings -
>% The "" mean default to "AM" and "PM".
>am_pm       "";""
>% Define time representation in 12-hour format with "am_pm", to be referenced by the "%r"
>% The "" means that this format is not supported.
>t_fmt_ampm  ""


>% Date representation not described in ISO/IEC 14652. Comes out as -
>% "%a %b %e %H:%M:%S %Z %Y" which is default "date" command output
>% %a - abbreviated weekday name,
>% %b - abreviated month name,
>% %e - day of month as a decimal number with leading space (1 to 31),
>% %H - hour (24-hour clock) as a decimal number (00 to 23),
>% %M - minute as a decimal number (00 to 59),
>% %S - seconds as a decimal number (00 to 59),
>% %Z - time-zone name,
>% %Y - year with century as a decimal number,e.g. 2001.
>date_fmt "%a %Y Ñ. %b %e к. %H:%M:%S (%Z)"

Again please don't use non-ASCII characters.

>week    7;19971130;1
>first_weekday 2

It seems that it's not a problem to skip "first_workday" here but please add to avoid confusion:


>% The affirmative response -
>% '^[yYдÐÑЭ]'
>yesexpr "<U005E><U005B><U0079><U0059><U0434><U0414><U044D><U042D><U005D>"
>% The negative response -
>% '^[nNнÐÑС]'
>noexpr "<U005E><U005B><U006E><U004E><U043D><U041D><U0441><U0421><U005D>"

Correct but we have agreed that "+" and "1" should be included in yesexpr
and "-" and "0" should be included in noexpr.
See: https://sourceware.org/git/?p=glibc.git;a=commitdiff;h=f982160

Please include "yesstr" and "nostr" here.  They should contain "yes" and "no" in Yakut language, respectively.  Their capitalization should be based on the regular grammar rules, not assuming that they are in the beginning of the sentence.

>copy "ru_RU"
>copy "ru_RU"
>copy "ru_RU"


>% Format for addressing a person.
>% "%d%t%g%t%m%t%f"
>% "Salutation",
>% "Empty string, or <Space>",
>% "First given name",
>% "Empty string, or <Space>",
>% "Middle names",
>% "Empty string, or <Space>",
>% "Clan names"
>name_fmt    "<U0025><U0064><U0025><U0074><U0025><U0067><U0025><U0074>/

It looks identical to ru_RU so please consider using ”copy "ru_RU"”.

>postal_fmt    "<U0025><U0066><U0025><U004E><U0025><U0061><U0025><U004E>/
>% РоÑÑиÑ
>country_name  "<U0420><U043E><U0441><U0441><U0438><U044F>"
>% СаÑа ÑÑла
>lang_name     "<U0421><U0430><U0445><U0430><U0020><U0442><U044B><U043B><U0430>"
>% UN Geneve 1949:68 Distinguishing signs of vehicles in international traffic
>% RUS
>country_car    "<U0052><U0055><U0053>"
>% ISO 639 language abbreviations:
>% 639-1 2 letter, 639-2 3 letter terminology
>% (empty), sah, sah
>lang_ab       ""
>lang_term     "<U0073><U0061><U0068>"
>lang_lib      "<U0073><U0061><U0068>"
>% ISO 3166 country number and 2 and 3 letter abreviations
>% RU, RUS
>country_ab2   "<U0052><U0055>"
>country_ab3   "<U0052><U0055><U0053>"
>country_num   643

It would be nice if you could provide country_isbn, otherwise this section LGTM.

Now when you fix these bugs please provide a patch instead of a file.  The patch should add this file and add the language to localedata/SUPPORTED.  Though, I'm not sure ATM if the new line in localedata/SUPPORTED should be "sah_RU/UTF-8" or "sah_RU.UTF-8/UTF-8".  Please see some examples of patches which add a new language:

Note that the file locale/iso-639.def already contains a line for Yakut language but please verify if it is correct.  It says "Yakut" while you provide "Yakut (Sakha)".  I believe your version is correct.
Comment 2 Rafal Luzynski 2017-10-14 00:47:18 UTC
(In reply to Rafal Luzynski from comment #1)
> Comment on attachment 10501 [details]
> [...]
> Also, as stated in bug 1123, here should be the legal formula starting with:
> [...]

Sorry, a typo, should be: bug 11213.
Comment 3 Mike FABIAN 2017-10-16 08:53:29 UTC
(In reply to Rafal Luzynski from comment #1)

> >copy "ru_RU"
> I haven't checked, are you sure that all Yakut-specific characters are
> already there?

ru_RU contains:

copy "i18n"

include  "translit_combining";""

I think all characters must be there because the “i18n” file is
generated by Python scripts from Unicode data and contains all
characters in Unicode.

So unless Yakut needs any changes to the character classes in that
“i18n” file, using that should be fine (for example Turkish needs
differences in “toupper” and “tolower” because of the ı <-> I and
i <-> İ pairs of lowercase/uppercase letters).

And if Yakut doesn’t need special translit rules, using
copy "ru_RU" should be fine.
Comment 4 Mike FABIAN 2017-10-16 09:40:37 UTC
(In reply to Rafal Luzynski from comment #1)

> THE MAJOR ISSUE HERE: The abday and day arrays must always start with
> Sunday.  If you want to display Monday first it will be specified elsewhere.
> See also: https://sourceware.org/glibc/wiki/Locales#LC_TIME

The relevant part at the link Rafal gave is:

    WEEKSTARTDATE specifies the base of the abday and day lists

    first_weekday specifies the offset of the first day-of-week in the
    abday and day lists

    For compatibility reasons, all locales should set WEEKSTARTDATE on
    19971130 (Sunday) and base the abday and day lists appropriately,
    and set first_weekday 1 or 2 depending to whether their week
    actually starts on Sunday or Monday.

So you should set "first_weekday 2" if you want to display Monday in
the first column of a calendar but start the abday arrays with Sunday

> Now when you fix these bugs please provide a patch instead of a file.  The
> patch should add this file and add the language to localedata/SUPPORTED. 
> Though, I'm not sure ATM if the new line in localedata/SUPPORTED should be
> "sah_RU/UTF-8" or "sah_RU.UTF-8/UTF-8".  Please see some examples of patches
> which add a new language:
> https://sourceware.org/git/?p=glibc.git;a=commitdiff;h=f8de956
> https://sourceware.org/git/?p=glibc.git;a=commitdiff;h=3f802ae

I think "sah_RU/UTF-8" is better.
Comment 5 Rafal Luzynski 2018-06-19 22:42:00 UTC
Created attachment 11086 [details]
A patch to add sah_RU language

The original file converted to a patch.

Also, since after writing the original patch we have agreed to use the raw ASCII characters instead of <U00.. sequences wherever this is 100% nondestructive I have converted most of them to ASCII.  No other errors fixed so the comments above are still valid.  Could you please respond, Valery?
Comment 6 Rafal Luzynski 2018-06-20 23:33:33 UTC
Now since the support of standalone (nominative, alternative) and full date format (genitive, non-alternative) month names has been added to glibc and Yakut language seems to use this feature (e.g., "May" - "ыам ыйа"; but "1st of May" - "1 Ыам ыйын") I find this patch incomplete.  It needs an update or at least an explanation from a native speaker.  For example, I am not sure if it is correct that CLDR lists the "Months - Wide - Formatting" uppercased except December while "Months - Wide - Standalone" are lowercased.
Comment 7 Valery Timiriliyev 2018-07-06 05:53:35 UTC
Created attachment 11117 [details]
New patch to add sah_RU locale
Comment 8 Valery Timiriliyev 2018-07-06 06:08:28 UTC
So I updated the locale and fixed errors. It seems to be working now as it should.

> % LANG=sah_RU date --date "2001-02-03 04:05:06"  
> сб 2001 с. олунньу  3 к. 04:05:06 (+09)

> % for WEEKDAY in Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday; do; LANG=sah_RU date --date "$WEEKDAY" "+%A - %a"; done
> бэнидиэнньик - бн
> оптуорунньук - оп
> сэрэдэ - ср
> чэппиэр - чп
> бээтинсэ - бт
> субуота - сб
> баскыһыанньа - бс

> % for MONTH in January February March April May June July August September October November December; do; LANG=sah_RU date --date "$MONTH 1" "+%B - %b"; done
> тохсунньу - тохс
> олунньу - олун
> кулун тутар - кул
> муус устар - муус
> ыам ыйын - ыам
> бэс ыйын - бэс
> от ыйын - от
> атырдьах ыйын - атыр
> балаҕан ыйын - бал
> алтынньы - алт
> сэтинньи - сэт
> ахсынньы - ахс
Comment 9 Rafal Luzynski 2018-07-12 10:16:13 UTC
I must say that I'm impressed with the high quality of this patch. However, here are some nitpicks:

+% ab_alt_mon - The alternative abbreviations for the months
+% - тохс, олун, кул, муус, ыам, бэс, от, атыр, бал, алт, сэт, ахс
+ab_alt_mon  "<U0442><U043E><U0445><U0441>";"<U043E><U043B><U0443><U043D>";/
+            "<U043A><U0443><U043B>";"<U043C><U0443><U0443><U0441>";/
+            "<U044B><U0430><U043C>";"<U0431><U044D><U0441>";/
+            "<U043E><U0442>";"<U0430><U0442><U044B><U0440>";/
+            "<U0431><U0430><U043B>";"<U0430><U043B><U0442>";/
+            "<U0441><U044D><U0442>";"<U0430><U0445><U0441>"
+% abmon and ab_alt_mon are actually identical.

There is no need to provide ab_alt_mon if it is identical to abmon. This is not destructive but so far we have never added ab_alt_mon when it was identical to abmon (and alt_mon when it was identical to mon). The point is that these arrays are identical in majority of languages and we don't want to disturb them.

> +mon         "<U0442><U043E><U0445><U0441><U0443><U043D><U043D><U044C><U0443>";/
> +            "<U043E><U043B><U0443><U043D><U043D><U044C><U0443>";/
> +            "<U043A><U0443><U043B><U0443><U043D><U0020><U0442><U0443><U0442><U0430><U0440>";/

What about using a plain space (" ") instead of "<U0020>"?

> +% The affirmative response -
> +% '^[+1yYдДэЭ]'
> +yesexpr "<U005E><U005B><U002B><U0031><U0079><U0059><U0434><U0414><U044D><U042D><U005D>"
> +
> +% The negative response -
> +% '^[-0nNнНсС]'
> +noexpr "<U005E><U005B><U002D><U0030><U006E><U004E><U043D><U041D><U0441><U0421><U005D>"

Could you please use ASCII characters wherever they are ASCII, that is "^" instead of "<U005E>" and so on? So it should be:

+yesexpr "^[+1yY<U0434><U0414><U044D><U042D>]"
+noexpr "^[-0nN<U043D><U041D><U0441><U0421>]"

+copy "ru_RU"

Good but it could also contain the Sakha translations for "Mr.", "Mrs.", and so on. However, ru_RU has the same problem. On the other hand, I don't think this information is actually used by any real application.

> +postal_fmt    "<U0025><U0066><U0025><U004E><U0025><U0061><U0025><U004E>/
> +<U0025><U0064><U0025><U004E><U0025><U0062><U0025><U004E><U0025><U0073>/
> +<U0020><U0025><U0068><U0020><U0025><U0065><U0020><U0025><U0072><U0025>/
> +<U004E><U0025><U0025><U007A><U0020><U0025><U0054><U0025>/
> +<U004E><U0025><U0063><U0025><U004E>"

Same here, ASCII could be used.
Comment 10 Rafal Luzynski 2018-07-12 19:46:12 UTC
More updates:


> +postal_fmt    "<U0025><U0066><U0025><U004E><U0025><U0061><U0025><U004E>/
> +<U0025><U0064><U0025><U004E><U0025><U0062><U0025><U004E><U0025><U0073>/
> +<U0020><U0025><U0068><U0020><U0025><U0065><U0020><U0025><U0072><U0025>/
> +<U004E><U0025><U0025><U007A><U0020><U0025><U0054><U0025>/

Here is "<U0025><U0025>" which decodes to "%%" - double percent sign, I'm pretty sure this is a typo.

2. I think we need an entry in NEWS, same as for Lower Sorbian: https://sourceware.org/git/?p=glibc.git;a=commitdiff;h=a1e0c5f The explanation is: normally we don't mention explicitly newly added languages in NEWS (they are added automatically but this time we mention the languages which distinguish between mon and alt_mon. I think it is fair not to omit the languages which are newly added and also distinguish between mon and alt_mon. This is true for both Lower Sorbian and Yakut.
Comment 11 Rafal Luzynski 2018-07-12 20:50:37 UTC
> +% FIXME: Not sure if all letters from Yakut alphabet are there.
> +copy "ru_RU"

Yes, it contains all letters from Yakut alphabet.  ru_RU contains “copy "i18n"” and i18n contains all letters from all alphabets (to a reasonable extent): https://sourceware.org/git/?p=glibc.git;a=blob;f=localedata/locales/i18n_ctype;hb=HEAD

I'm removing this comment.
Comment 12 Rafal Luzynski 2018-07-12 22:39:15 UTC
> +copy "iso14651_t1"
> +
> +collating-symbol <YAK-GHE>
> +collating-symbol <YAK-ENG>
> +collating-symbol <YAK-OE>
> +collating-symbol <YAK-HE>
> +collating-symbol <YAK-UE>
> +
> +reorder-after <CYR-GHE>
> +<YAK-GHE>
> +reorder-after <CYR-EN>
> +<YAK-ENG>
> +reorder-after <CYR-O>
> +<YAK-OE>
> +reorder-after <CYR-ES>
> +<YAK-HE>
> +reorder-after <CYR-OU>
> +<YAK-UE>

This fails with these error messages:

> Generating locale sah_RU.UTF-8: this might take a while...
> ../localedata/locales/sah_RU:56: LC_COLLATE: cannot reorder after CYR-GHE: symbol not known
> ../localedata/locales/sah_RU:58: LC_COLLATE: cannot reorder after CYR-EN: symbol not known
> ../localedata/locales/sah_RU:60: LC_COLLATE: cannot reorder after CYR-O: symbol not known
> ../localedata/locales/sah_RU:62: LC_COLLATE: cannot reorder after CYR-ES: symbol not known
> ../localedata/locales/sah_RU:64: LC_COLLATE: cannot reorder after CYR-OU: symbol not known

I think that whole this section must be reworked.  Also:

> +% Ҕ after Г

The default sort order is:

> "г" < " ⷢ" < "Г" < "ѓ" < "Ѓ" < "ґ" < "Ґ" < "ғ" < "Ғ" < "ӻ" < "Ӻ" < "ҕ" < "Ҕ" < "ӷ" < "Ӷ" < "д" < ...

I think that this reorder will produce:

> "г" < "ҕ" < " ⷢ" < "Г" < "Ҕ" < "ѓ" < "Ѓ" < "ґ" < "Ґ" < "ғ" < "Ғ" < "ӻ" < "Ӻ" < "ӷ" < "Ӷ" < "д" < ...

I think that instead you would like:

> "г" < " ⷢ" < "Г" < "ѓ" < "Ѓ" < "ґ" < "Ґ" < "ғ" < "Ғ" < "ӻ" < "Ӻ" < "ӷ" < "Ӷ" < "ҕ" < "Ҕ" < "д" < ...

which means you must put "Cyrillic GHE with middle hook" after "Cyrillic GHE with descender" rather than just after "Cyrillic GHE".  Yes, this inconvenient.

The same comment about other reorders.
Comment 13 Valery Timiriliyev 2018-07-13 08:32:26 UTC
> I must say that I'm impressed with the high quality of this patch.
I didn't expected reaction like this. Thanks.

> What about using a plain space (" ") instead of "<U0020>"?
Sure. I'll replace the Unicode codes for ASCII characters with the characters themselves.

> Here is "<U0025><U0025>" which decodes to "%%" - double percent sign, I'm pretty sure this is a typo.
Because that field is identical to that of ru_RU, I'll just copy it from there.

> I think we need an entry in NEWS
I have to provide it?

> I think that whole this section must be reworked.
Yes, I need some time to sort this out.

In Yakut alphabet only one letter placed in non-standard position: "Һ". In all other Cyrillic alphabet is usually comes after "Х", but in our alphabet it's after "С" (because actually Һ is allophone of С in Yakut language). I think only that letter need to be included in LC_COLLATE, isn't it?

(Things are getting too complicated for my level of English, sorry if you can't understand what I've written :)
Comment 14 Rafal Luzynski 2018-07-13 10:56:26 UTC
Created attachment 11126 [details]
New locale: Yakut (Sakha) (version 3)

By this time I've reworked your patch.  Please review.
Comment 15 Rafal Luzynski 2018-07-13 20:24:22 UTC
(In reply to Valery Timiriliyev from comment #13)
> [...]
> > Here is "<U0025><U0025>" which decodes to "%%" - double percent sign, I'm pretty sure this is a typo.
> Because that field is identical to that of ru_RU, I'll just copy it from
> there.

I saw several locales using "%%" and many more using exactly the same format but with a single "%". I guess it is a typo copied several times.

I've already adjusted sah_RU to contain the same as ru_RU.

> > I think we need an entry in NEWS
> I have to provide it?

You or me or whoever. I've added this already in the attached patch.

> > I think that whole this section must be reworked.
> Yes, I need some time to sort this out.
> In Yakut alphabet only one letter placed in non-standard position: "Һ". In
> all other Cyrillic alphabet is usually comes after "Х", but in our alphabet
> it's after "С" (because actually Һ is allophone of С in Yakut language). I
> think only that letter need to be included in LC_COLLATE, isn't it?

I've checked the Yakut alphabet in Wikipedia and I've added this change and also some more:

* "Ҕ" after "Ӷ" and before "Д" (otherwise would be between "Ӻ" and "Ӷ"),
* "Дь" after "Ԃ" and before "Ҙ" (otherwise would be between "Дӹ" and "Дҍ"),
* "Ҥ" after "Ԋ" (otherwise would be between "Ԣ" and "Њ"),
* immediately followed by "Нь" (which otherwise would be between "Нӹ" and "Нҍ") and by "О",
* "Ө" is by default after "Ӧ" and before "Ӫ", I think it is fine and I leave it unchanged,
* also "Ү" is by default after "Ӯ" and before "Ұ", also I think that no change is needed.

I still can't understand what is the "<PCL>" symbol in your collating rules. If you can't explain then I will remove it and use the symbols which I can understand.

> (Things are getting too complicated for my level of English, sorry if you
> can't understand what I've written :)

I can't see any problem with your English but my English is also not perfect. :-)
Comment 16 Rafal Luzynski 2018-07-16 10:05:55 UTC
Created attachment 11130 [details]
New locale: Yakut (Sakha) (version 4)

Hopefully this is the final version.  Changes since the v3:

* Symbols like <YAK-GHE> converted to lowercase (<yak-ghe> and so on).
* "<PCL>" no longer used as this is probably outdated/old/unsupported etc.
* Missing symbols <d-soft-sign-digraph> and <n-soft-sign-digraph> added.
* Added a comment explaining how the Yakut alphabet looks + Wikipedia link.
Comment 17 Mike FABIAN 2018-07-16 16:52:49 UTC
(In reply to Rafal Luzynski from comment #16)
> Created attachment 11130 [details]
> New locale: Yakut (Sakha) (version 4)
> Hopefully this is the final version.  Changes since the v3:
> * Symbols like <YAK-GHE> converted to lowercase (<yak-ghe> and so on).
> * "<PCL>" no longer used as this is probably outdated/old/unsupported etc.
> * Missing symbols <d-soft-sign-digraph> and <n-soft-sign-digraph> added.
> * Added a comment explaining how the Yakut alphabet looks + Wikipedia link.

Looks good.

It also compiles and installs without error.
Comment 18 cvs-commit@gcc.gnu.org 2018-07-18 09:49:30 UTC
This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GNU C Library master sources".

The branch, master has been updated
       via  61c4aad70553200b3473d9e4e97c240b8ea6d336 (commit)
      from  be9ccd27c09ee76c5397125bfa0fefae318a2996 (commit)

Those revisions listed above that are new to this repository have
not appeared on any other notification email; so we list those
revisions in full, below.

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

commit 61c4aad70553200b3473d9e4e97c240b8ea6d336
Author: Valery Timiriliyev <timiriliyev@gmail.com>
Date:   Fri Jul 6 14:46:13 2018 +0900

    New locale: Yakut (Sakha) for Russia (sah_RU) [BZ #22241]
    	* localedata/Makefile (test-input): Add sah_RU.UTF-8.
    	(LOCALES): Likewise.
    	* localedata/SUPPORTED (sah_RU/UTF-8): New entry.
    	* localedata/locales/sah_RU: New file.
    	* localedata/sah_RU.UTF-8.in: New file.
    Reviewed-by: Carlos O'Donell <carlos@redhat.com>


Summary of changes:
 ChangeLog                  |    9 ++
 NEWS                       |    4 +-
 localedata/Makefile        |    2 +
 localedata/SUPPORTED       |    1 +
 localedata/locales/sah_RU  |  290 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 localedata/sah_RU.UTF-8.in |   84 +++++++++++++
 6 files changed, 388 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 localedata/locales/sah_RU
 create mode 100644 localedata/sah_RU.UTF-8.in
Comment 19 Rafal Luzynski 2018-07-18 09:56:56 UTC
Fixed by commit 61c4aad70553200b3473d9e4e97c240b8ea6d336.  Thank you for your contribution, Valery.
Comment 20 cvs-commit@gcc.gnu.org 2018-08-01 05:52:24 UTC
This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GNU C Library master sources".

The annotated tag, glibc-2.28 has been created
        at  0774a9618b539692317d0950477e16a8c5074caf (tag)
   tagging  3c03baca37fdcb52c3881e653ca392bba7a99c2b (commit)
  replaces  glibc-2.27.9000
 tagged by  Carlos O'Donell
        on  Wed Aug 1 01:20:23 2018 -0400

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
The GNU C Library

The GNU C Library version 2.28 is now available.

The GNU C Library is used as *the* C library in the GNU system and
in GNU/Linux systems, as well as many other systems that use Linux
as the kernel.

The GNU C Library is primarily designed to be a portable
and high performance C library.  It follows all relevant
standards including ISO C11 and POSIX.1-2008.  It is also
internationalized and has one of the most complete
internationalization interfaces known.

The GNU C Library webpage is at http://www.gnu.org/software/libc/

Packages for the 2.28 release may be downloaded from:

The mirror list is at http://www.gnu.org/order/ftp.html

NEWS for version 2.28

Major new features:

* The localization data for ISO 14651 is updated to match the 2016
  Edition 4 release of the standard, this matches data provided by
  Unicode 9.0.0.  This update introduces significant improvements to the
  collation of Unicode characters.  This release deviates slightly from
  the standard in that the collation element ordering for lowercase and
  uppercase LATIN script characters is adjusted to ensure that regular
  expressions with ranges like [a-z] and [A-Z] don't interleave e.g. A
  is not matched by [a-z].  With the update many locales have been
  updated to take advantage of the new collation information.  The new
  collation information has increased the size of the compiled locale
  archive or binary locales.

* The GNU C Library can now be compiled with support for Intel CET, AKA
  Intel Control-flow Enforcement Technology.  When the library is built
  with --enable-cet, the resulting glibc is protected with indirect
  branch tracking (IBT) and shadow stack (SHSTK).  CET-enabled glibc is
  compatible with all existing executables and shared libraries.  This
  feature is currently supported on i386, x86_64 and x32 with GCC 8 and
  binutils 2.29 or later.  Note that CET-enabled glibc requires CPUs
  capable of multi-byte NOPs, like x86-64 processors as well as Intel
  Pentium Pro or newer.  NOTE: --enable-cet has been tested for i686,
  x86_64 and x32 on non-CET processors.  --enable-cet has been tested
  for x86_64 and x32 on CET SDVs, but Intel CET support hasn't been
  validated for i686.

* The GNU C Library now has correct support for ABSOLUTE symbols
  (SHN_ABS-relative symbols).  Previously such ABSOLUTE symbols were
  relocated incorrectly or in some cases discarded.  The GNU linker can
  make use of the newer semantics, but it must communicate it to the
  dynamic loader by setting the ELF file's identification (EI_ABIVERSION
  field) to indicate such support is required.

* Unicode 11.0.0 Support: Character encoding, character type info, and
  transliteration tables are all updated to Unicode 11.0.0, using
  generator scripts contributed by Mike FABIAN (Red Hat).

* <math.h> functions that round their results to a narrower type are added
  from TS 18661-1:2014 and TS 18661-3:2015:

  - fadd, faddl, daddl and corresponding fMaddfN, fMaddfNx, fMxaddfN and
    fMxaddfNx functions.

  - fsub, fsubl, dsubl and corresponding fMsubfN, fMsubfNx, fMxsubfN and
    fMxsubfNx functions.

  - fmul, fmull, dmull and corresponding fMmulfN, fMmulfNx, fMxmulfN and
    fMxmulfNx functions.

  - fdiv, fdivl, ddivl and corresponding fMdivfN, fMdivfNx, fMxdivfN and
    fMxdivfNx functions.

* Two grammatical forms of month names are now supported for the following
  languages: Armenian, Asturian, Catalan, Czech, Kashubian, Occitan, Ossetian,
  Scottish Gaelic, Upper Sorbian, and Walloon.  The following languages now
  support two grammatical forms in abbreviated month names: Catalan, Greek,
  and Kashubian.

* Newly added locales: Lower Sorbian (dsb_DE) and Yakut (sah_RU) also
  include the support for two grammatical forms of month names.

* Building and running on GNU/Hurd systems now works without out-of-tree

* The renameat2 function has been added, a variant of the renameat function
  which has a flags argument.  If the flags are zero, the renameat2 function
  acts like renameat.  If the flag is not zero and there is no kernel
  support for renameat2, the function will fail with an errno value of
  EINVAL.  This is different from the existing gnulib function renameatu,
  which performs a plain rename operation in case of a RENAME_NOREPLACE
  flags and a non-existing destination (and therefore has a race condition
  that can clobber the destination inadvertently).

* The statx function has been added, a variant of the fstatat64
  function with an additional flags argument.  If there is no direct
  kernel support for statx, glibc provides basic stat support based on
  the fstatat64 function.

* IDN domain names in getaddrinfo and getnameinfo now use the system libidn2
  library if installed.  libidn2 version 2.0.5 or later is recommended.  If
  libidn2 is not available, internationalized domain names are not encoded
  or decoded even if the AI_IDN or NI_IDN flags are passed to getaddrinfo or
  getnameinfo.  (getaddrinfo calls with non-ASCII names and AI_IDN will fail
  with an encoding error.)  Flags which used to change the IDN encoding and
  deprecated.  They no longer have any effect.

* Parsing of dynamic string tokens in DT_RPATH, DT_RUNPATH, DT_NEEDED,
  DT_AUXILIARY, and DT_FILTER has been expanded to support the full
  range of ELF gABI expressions including such constructs as
  '$ORIGIN$ORIGIN' (if valid).  For SUID/GUID applications the rules
  have been further restricted, and where in the past a dynamic string
  token sequence may have been interpreted as a literal string it will
  now cause a load failure.  These load failures were always considered
  unspecified behaviour from the perspective of the dynamic loader, and
  for safety are now load errors e.g. /foo/${ORIGIN}.so in DT_NEEDED
  results in a load failure now.

* Support for ISO C threads (ISO/IEC 9899:2011) has been added.  The
  implementation includes all the standard functions provided by

  - thrd_current, thrd_equal, thrd_sleep, thrd_yield, thrd_create,
    thrd_detach, thrd_exit, and thrd_join for thread management.

  - mtx_init, mtx_lock, mtx_timedlock, mtx_trylock, mtx_unlock, and
    mtx_destroy for mutual exclusion.

  - call_once for function call synchronization.

  - cnd_broadcast, cnd_destroy, cnd_init, cnd_signal, cnd_timedwait, and
    cnd_wait for conditional variables.

  - tss_create, tss_delete, tss_get, and tss_set for thread-local storage.

  Application developers must link against libpthread to use ISO C threads.

Deprecated and removed features, and other changes affecting compatibility:

* The nonstandard header files <libio.h> and <_G_config.h> are no longer
  installed.  Software that was using either header should be updated to
  use standard <stdio.h> interfaces instead.

* The stdio functions 'getc' and 'putc' are no longer defined as macros.
  This was never required by the C standard, and the macros just expanded
  to call alternative names for the same functions.  If you hoped getc and
  putc would provide performance improvements over fgetc and fputc, instead
  investigate using (f)getc_unlocked and (f)putc_unlocked, and, if
  necessary, flockfile and funlockfile.

* All stdio functions now treat end-of-file as a sticky condition.  If you
  read from a file until EOF, and then the file is enlarged by another
  process, you must call clearerr or another function with the same effect
  (e.g. fseek, rewind) before you can read the additional data.  This
  corrects a longstanding C99 conformance bug.  It is most likely to affect
  programs that use stdio to read interactive input from a terminal.
  (Bug #1190.)

* The macros 'major', 'minor', and 'makedev' are now only available from
  the header <sys/sysmacros.h>; not from <sys/types.h> or various other
  headers that happen to include <sys/types.h>.  These macros are rarely
  used, not part of POSIX nor XSI, and their names frequently collide with
  user code; see https://sourceware.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=19239 for
  further explanation.

  <sys/sysmacros.h> is a GNU extension.  Portable programs that require
  these macros should first include <sys/types.h>, and then include
  <sys/sysmacros.h> if __GNU_LIBRARY__ is defined.

* The tilegx*-*-linux-gnu configurations are no longer supported.

* The obsolete function ustat is no longer available to newly linked
  binaries; the headers <ustat.h> and <sys/ustat.h> have been removed.  This
  function has been deprecated in favor of fstatfs and statfs.

* The obsolete function nfsservctl is no longer available to newly linked
  binaries.  This function was specific to systems using the Linux kernel
  and could not usefully be used with the GNU C Library on systems with
  version 3.1 or later of the Linux kernel.

* The obsolete function name llseek is no longer available to newly linked
  binaries.  This function was specific to systems using the Linux kernel
  and was not declared in a header.  Programs should use the lseek64 name
  for this function instead.

  getaddrinfo and getnameinfo functions have been deprecated.  The behavior
  previously selected by them is now always enabled.

  the getaddrinfo and getnameinfo functions have been deprecated.  The STD3
  restriction (rejecting '_' in host names, among other things) has been
  removed, for increased compatibility with non-IDN name resolution.

* The fcntl function now have a Long File Support variant named fcntl64.  It
  is added to fix some Linux Open File Description (OFD) locks usage on non
  LFS mode.  As for others *64 functions, fcntl64 semantics are analogous with
  fcntl and LFS support is handled transparently.  Also for Linux, the OFD
  locks act as a cancellation entrypoint.

* The obsolete functions encrypt, encrypt_r, setkey, setkey_r, cbc_crypt,
  ecb_crypt, and des_setparity are no longer available to newly linked
  binaries, and the headers <rpc/des_crypt.h> and <rpc/rpc_des.h> are no
  longer installed.  These functions encrypted and decrypted data with the
  DES block cipher, which is no longer considered secure.  Software that
  still uses these functions should switch to a modern cryptography library,
  such as libgcrypt.

* Reflecting the removal of the encrypt and setkey functions above, the
  macro _XOPEN_CRYPT is no longer defined.  As a consequence, the crypt
  function is no longer declared unless _DEFAULT_SOURCE or _GNU_SOURCE is

* The obsolete function fcrypt is no longer available to newly linked
  binaries.  It was just another name for the standard function crypt,
  and it has not appeared in any header file in many years.

* We have tentative plans to hand off maintenance of the passphrase-hashing
  library, libcrypt, to a separate development project that will, we hope,
  keep up better with new passphrase-hashing algorithms.  We will continue
  to declare 'crypt' in <unistd.h>, and programs that use 'crypt' or
  'crypt_r' should not need to change at all; however, distributions will
  need to install <crypt.h> and libcrypt from a separate project.

  In this release, if the configure option --disable-crypt is used, glibc
  will not install <crypt.h> or libcrypt, making room for the separate
  project's versions of these files.  The plan is to make this the default
  behavior in a future release.

Changes to build and runtime requirements:

  GNU make 4.0 or later is now required to build glibc.

Security related changes:

  CVE-2016-6261, CVE-2016-6263, CVE-2017-14062: Various vulnerabilities have
  been fixed by removing the glibc-internal IDNA implementation and using
  the system-provided libidn2 library instead.  Originally reported by Hanno
  Böck and Christian Weisgerber.

  CVE-2017-18269: An SSE2-based memmove implementation for the i386
  architecture could corrupt memory.  Reported by Max Horn.

  CVE-2018-11236: Very long pathname arguments to realpath function could
  result in an integer overflow and buffer overflow.  Reported by Alexey

  CVE-2018-11237: The mempcpy implementation for the Intel Xeon Phi
  architecture could write beyond the target buffer, resulting in a buffer
  overflow.  Reported by Andreas Schwab.

The following bugs are resolved with this release:

  [1190] stdio: fgetc()/fread() behaviour is not POSIX compliant
  [6889] manual: 'PWD' mentioned but not specified
  [13575] libc: SSIZE_MAX defined as LONG_MAX is inconsistent with ssize_t,
    when __WORDSIZE != 64
  [13762] regex: re_search etc. should return -2 on memory exhaustion
  [13888] build: /tmp usage during testing
  [13932] math: dbl-64 pow unexpectedly slow for some inputs
  [14092] nptl: Support C11 threads
  [14095] localedata: Review / update collation data from Unicode / ISO
  [14508] libc: -Wformat warnings
  [14553] libc: Namespace pollution loff_t in sys/types.h
  [14890] libc: Make NT_PRFPREG canonical.
  [15105] libc: Extra PLT references with -Os
  [15512] libc: __bswap_constant_16 not compiled when -Werror -Wsign-
    conversion is given
  [16335] manual: Feature test macro documentation incomplete and out of
  [16552] libc: Unify umount implementations in terms of umount2
  [17082] libc: htons et al.: statement-expressions prevent use on global
    scope with -O1 and higher
  [17343] libc: Signed integer overflow in /stdlib/random_r.c
  [17438] localedata: pt_BR: wrong d_fmt delimiter
  [17662] libc: please implement binding for the new renameat2 syscall
  [17721] libc: __restrict defined as /* Ignore */ even in c11
  [17979] libc: inconsistency between uchar.h and stdint.h
  [18018] dynamic-link: Additional $ORIGIN handling issues (CVE-2011-0536)
  [18023] libc: extend_alloca is broken (questionable pointer comparison,
    horrible machine code)
  [18124] libc: hppa: setcontext erroneously returns -1 as exit code for
    last constant.
  [18471] libc: llseek should be a compat symbol
  [18473] soft-fp: [powerpc-nofpu] __sqrtsf2, __sqrtdf2 should be compat
  [18991] nss: nss_files skips large entry in database
  [19239] libc: Including stdlib.h ends up with macros major and minor being
  [19463] libc: linknamespace failures when compiled with -Os
  [19485] localedata: csb_PL: Update month translations + add yesstr/nostr
  [19527] locale: Normalized charset name not recognized by setlocale
  [19667] string: Missing Sanity Check for malloc calls in file 'testcopy.c'
  [19668] libc: Missing Sanity Check for malloc() in file 'tst-setcontext-
  [19728] network: out of bounds stack read in libidn function
    idna_to_ascii_4i (CVE-2016-6261)
  [19729] network: out of bounds heap read on invalid utf-8 inputs in
    stringprep_utf8_nfkc_normalize (CVE-2016-6263)
  [19818] dynamic-link: Absolute (SHN_ABS) symbols incorrectly relocated by
    the base address
  [20079] libc: Add SHT_X86_64_UNWIND to elf.h
  [20251] libc: 32bit programs pass garbage in struct flock for OFD locks
  [20419] dynamic-link: files with large allocated notes crash in
  [20530] libc: bswap_16 should use __builtin_bswap16() when available
  [20890] dynamic-link: ldconfig: fsync the files before atomic rename
  [20980] manual: CFLAGS environment variable replaces vital options
  [21163] regex: Assertion failure in pop_fail_stack when executing a
    malformed regexp (CVE-2015-8985)
  [21234] manual: use of CFLAGS makes glibc detect no optimization
  [21269] dynamic-link: i386 sigaction sa_restorer handling is wrong
  [21313] build: Compile Error GCC 5.4.0 MIPS with -0S
  [21314] build: Compile Error GCC 5.2.0 MIPS with -0s
  [21508] locale: intl/tst-gettext failure with latest msgfmt
  [21547] localedata: Tibetan script collation broken (Dzongkha and Tibetan)
  [21812] network: getifaddrs() returns entries with ifa_name == NULL
  [21895] libc: ppc64 setjmp/longjmp not fully interoperable with static
  [21942] dynamic-link: _dl_dst_substitute incorrectly handles $ORIGIN: with
  [22241] localedata: New locale: Yakut (Sakha) locale for Russia (sah_RU)
  [22247] network: Integer overflow in the decode_digit function in
    puny_decode.c in libidn (CVE-2017-14062)
  [22342] nscd: NSCD not properly caching netgroup
  [22391] nptl: Signal function clear NPTL internal symbols inconsistently
  [22550] localedata: es_ES locale (and  other es_* locales):  collation
    should treat ñ  as a primary different character,  sync the collation
    for Spanish with CLDR
  [22638] dynamic-link: sparc: static binaries are broken if glibc is built
    by gcc configured with --enable-default-pie
  [22639] time: year 2039 bug for localtime etc. on 64-bit platforms
  [22644] string: memmove-sse2-unaligned on 32bit x86 produces garbage when
    crossing 2GB threshold (CVE-2017-18269)
  [22646] localedata: redundant data (LC_TIME) for es_CL, es_CU, es_EC and
  [22735] time: Misleading typo in time.h source comment regarding
  [22753] libc: preadv2/pwritev2 fallback code should handle offset=-1
  [22761] libc: No trailing `%n' conversion specifier in FMT passed from
    `__assert_perror_fail ()' to `__assert_fail_base ()'
  [22766] libc: all glibc internal dlopen should use RTLD_NOW for robust
    dlopen failures
  [22786] libc: Stack buffer overflow in realpath() if input size is close
    to SSIZE_MAX (CVE-2018-11236)
  [22787] dynamic-link: _dl_check_caller returns false when libc is linked
    through an absolute DT_NEEDED path
  [22792] build: tcb-offsets.h dependency dropped
  [22797] libc: pkey_get() uses non-reserved name of argument
  [22807] libc: PTRACE_* constants missing for powerpc
  [22818] glob: posix/tst-glob_lstat_compat failure on alpha
  [22827] dynamic-link: RISC-V ELF64 parser mis-reads flag in ldconfig
  [22830] malloc: malloc_stats doesn't restore cancellation state on stderr
  [22848] localedata: ca_ES: update date definitions from CLDR
  [22862] build: _DEFAULT_SOURCE is defined even when _ISOC11_SOURCE is
  [22884] math: RISCV fmax/fmin handle signalling NANs incorrectly
  [22896] localedata: Update locale data for an_ES
  [22902] math: float128 test failures with GCC 8
  [22918] libc: multiple common of `__nss_shadow_database'
  [22919] libc: sparc32: backtrace yields infinite backtrace with
  [22926] libc: FTBFS on powerpcspe
  [22932] localedata: lt_LT: Update of abbreviated month names from CLDR
  [22937] localedata: Greek (el_GR, el_CY) locales actually need ab_alt_mon
  [22947] libc: FAIL: misc/tst-preadvwritev2
  [22963] localedata: cs_CZ: Add alternative month names
  [22987] math: [powerpc/sparc] fdim inlines errno, exceptions handling
  [22996] localedata: change LC_PAPER to en_US in es_BO locale
  [22998] dynamic-link: execstack tests are disabled when SELinux is
  [23005] network: Crash in __res_context_send after memory allocation
  [23007] math: strtod cannot handle -nan
  [23024] nss: getlogin_r is performing NSS lookups when loginid isn't set
  [23036] regex: regex equivalence class regression
  [23037] libc: initialize msg_flags to zero for sendmmsg() calls
  [23069] libc: sigaction broken on riscv64-linux-gnu
  [23094] localedata: hr_HR: wrong thousands_sep and mon_thousands_sep
  [23102] dynamic-link: Incorrect parsing of multiple consecutive $variable
    patterns in runpath entries (e.g. $ORIGIN$ORIGIN)
  [23137] nptl: s390: pthread_join sometimes block indefinitely (on 31bit
    and libc build with -Os)
  [23140] localedata: More languages need two forms of month names
  [23145] libc: _init/_fini aren't marked as hidden
  [23152] localedata: gd_GB: Fix typo in "May" (abbreviated)
  [23171] math: C++ iseqsig for long double converts arguments to double
  [23178] nscd: sudo will fail when it is run in concurrent with commands
    that changes /etc/passwd
  [23196] string: __mempcpy_avx512_no_vzeroupper mishandles large copies
  [23206] dynamic-link: static-pie + dlopen breaks debugger interaction
  [23208] localedata: New locale - Lower Sorbian (dsb)
  [23233] regex: Memory leak in build_charclass_op function in file
  [23236] stdio: Harden function pointers in _IO_str_fields
  [23250] nptl: Offset of __private_ss differs from GCC
  [23253] math: tgamma test suite failures on i686 with -march=x86-64
    -mtune=generic -mfpmath=sse
  [23259] dynamic-link: Unsubstituted ${ORIGIN} remains in DT_NEEDED for
  [23264] libc: posix_spawnp wrongly executes ENOEXEC in non compat mode
  [23266] nis: stringop-truncation warning with new gcc8.1 in nisplus-
  [23272] math: fma(INFINITY,INFIITY,0.0) should be INFINITY
  [23277] math: nan function should not have const attribute
  [23279] math: scanf and strtod wrong for some hex floating-point
  [23280] math: wscanf rounds wrong; wcstod is ok for negative numbers and
    directed rounding
  [23290] localedata: IBM273 is not equivalent to ISO-8859-1
  [23303] build: undefined reference to symbol
  [23307] dynamic-link: Absolute symbols whose value is zero ignored in
  [23313] stdio: libio vtables validation and standard file object
  [23329] libc: The __libc_freeres infrastructure is not properly run across
    DSO boundaries.
  [23349] libc: Various glibc headers no longer compatible with
  [23351] malloc: Remove unused code related to heap dumps and malloc
  [23363] stdio: stdio-common/tst-printf.c has non-free license
  [23396] regex: Regex equivalence regression in single-byte locales
  [23422] localedata: oc_FR: More updates of locale data
  [23442] build: New warning with GCC 8
  [23448] libc: Out of bounds access in IBM-1390 converter
  [23456] libc: Wrong index_cpu_LZCNT
  [23458] build: tst-get-cpu-features-static isn't added to tests
  [23459] libc: COMMON_CPUID_INDEX_80000001 isn't populated for Intel
  [23467] dynamic-link: x86/CET: A property note parser bug

Release Notes



This release was made possible by the contributions of many people.
The maintainers are grateful to everyone who has contributed
changes or bug reports.  These include:

Adhemerval Zanella
Agustina Arzille
Alan Modra
Alexandre Oliva
Amit Pawar
Andreas Schwab
Andrew Senkevich
Andrew Waterman
Aurelien Jarno
Carlos O'Donell
Chung-Lin Tang
DJ Delorie
Daniel Alvarez
David Michael
Dmitry V. Levin
Dragan Stanojevic - Nevidljivi
Florian Weimer
Flávio Cruz
Francois Goichon
Gabriel F. T. Gomes
H.J. Lu
Herman ten Brugge
Hongbo Zhang
Igor Gnatenko
Jesse Hathaway
John David Anglin
Joseph Myers
Leonardo Sandoval
Maciej W. Rozycki
Mark Wielaard
Martin Sebor
Michael Wolf
Patrick McGehearty
Patsy Franklin
Paul Pluzhnikov
Quentin PAGÈS
Rafal Luzynski
Rajalakshmi Srinivasaraghavan
Raymond Nicholson
Rical Jasan
Richard Braun
Robert Buj
Rogerio Alves
Samuel Thibault
Sean McKean
Siddhesh Poyarekar
Stefan Liebler
Steve Ellcey
Sylvain Lesage
Szabolcs Nagy
Thomas Schwinge
Tulio Magno Quites Machado Filho
Valery Timiriliyev
Vincent Chen
Wilco Dijkstra
Zack Weinberg
Zong Li


Adhemerval Zanella (48):
      Update SH libm-tests-ulps
      Rename nptl-signals.h to internal-signals.h
      Refactor atfork handlers
      Update sparc ulps
      i386: Fix i386 sigaction sa_restorer initialization (BZ#21269)
      nptl: Fix tst-cancel4 sendto tests
      Define _DIRENT_MATCHES_DIRENT64 regardless
      Refactor Linux ARCH_FORK implementation
      powerpc: Fix TLE build for SPE (BZ #22926)
      sparc: Fix arch_fork definition
      Add Changelog reference to BZ#23024
      Assume O_DIRECTORY for opendir
      Filter out NPTL internal signals (BZ #22391)
      linux: Consolidate sigaction implementation
      Update ARM libm-test-ulps.
      Update SPARC libm-test-ulps.
      Update i386 libm-test-ulps.
      Consolidate Linux readdir{64}{_r} implementation
      arm: Remove ununsed ARM code in optimized implementation
      Consolidate Linux getdents{64} implementation
      Fix mips64n32 getdents alias
      Consolidate scandir{at}{64} implementation
      Update hppa libm-test-ulps
      Consolidate alphasort{64} and versionsort{64} implementation
      Consolidate getdirentries{64} implementation
      Consolidate Linux readahead implementation
      Deprecate ustat syscall interface
      Fix ChangeLog from cf2478d53ad commit
      Fix concurrent changes on nscd aware files (BZ #23178)
      posix: Fix posix_spawnp to not execute invalid binaries in non compat mode (BZ#23264)
      Fix Linux fcntl OFD locks for non-LFS architectures (BZ#20251)
      Revert hurd errno.h changes
      Fix hurd expected fcntl version
      posix: Sync gnulib regex implementation
      posix: Fix bug-regex33 after regex sync
      Comment tst-ofdlocks-compat expected failure in some Linux releases
      nptl: Add C11 threads thrd_* functions
      nptl: Add C11 threads mtx_* functions
      nptl: Add C11 threads call_once functions
      nptl: Add C11 threads cnd_* functions
      nptl: Add C11 threads tss_* functions
      nptl: Add abilist symbols for C11 threads
      nptl: Add test cases for ISO C11 threads
      Mention ISO C threads addition
      Fix C11 conformance issues
      Fix ISO C threads installed header and HURD assumption
      Fix Linux fcntl OFD locks on unsupported kernels
      Update SH libm-tests-ulps

Agustina Arzille (2):
      hurd: Rewrite __libc_cleanup_*
      hurd: Reimplement libc locks using mach's gsync

Alan Modra (1):
      R_PARISC_TLS_DTPOFF32 reloc handling

Alexandre Oliva (1):

Amit Pawar (1):
      Use AVX_Fast_Unaligned_Load from Zen onwards.

Andreas Schwab (11):
      Fix uninitialized variable in assert_perror (bug 22761)
      Fix multiple definitions of __nss_*_database (bug 22918)
      RISC-V: add remaining relocations
      Fix crash in resolver on memory allocation failure (bug 23005)
      Fix missing @ before texinfo command
      Add aliases to recognize normalized charset names (bug 19527)
      Fix comment typo
      Remove unneeded setting of errno after malloc failure
      Don't write beyond destination in __mempcpy_avx512_no_vzeroupper (bug 23196)
      Fix out-of-bounds access in IBM-1390 converter (bug 23448)
      Fix out of bounds access in findidxwc (bug 23442)

Andrew Senkevich (1):
      Fix i386 memmove issue (bug 22644).

Andrew Waterman (1):
      RISC-V: fmax/fmin: Handle signalling NaNs correctly.

Aurelien Jarno (4):
      intl/tst-gettext: fix failure with newest msgfmt
      Fix posix/tst-glob_lstat_compat on alpha [BZ #22818]
      sparc32: Add nop before __startcontext to stop unwinding [BZ #22919]
      Add tst-sigaction.c to test BZ #23069

Carlos O'Donell (17):
      Fix -Os log1p, log1pf build (bug 21314).
      Improve DST handling (Bug 23102, Bug 21942, Bug 18018, Bug 23259).
      Fix fallback path in __pthread_mutex_timedlock ().
      Fix comments in _dl_dst_count and _dl_dst_substitute.
      libc: Extend __libc_freeres framework (Bug 23329).
      locale: XFAIL newlocale usage in static binary (Bug 23164)
      Keep expected behaviour for [a-z] and [A-z] (Bug 23393).
      Add missing localedata/en_US.UTF-8.in (Bug 23393).
      Update libc.pot.
      Update NEWS with ISO 14651 update information.
      Update translations for cs, pl, and uk.
      Update translations for bg, de, hr, pt_BR, sv, and vi.
      Update translation for be.
      Update contrib.texi contributions.
      Update tooling versions verified to work with glibc.
      Synchronize translation project PO files.
      Update NEWS, version.h, and features.h for glibc 2.28.

Chung-Lin Tang (1):
      Update sysdeps/nios2/libm-test-ulps

DJ Delorie (5):
      [RISC-V] Fix parsing flags in ELF64 files.
      RISC-V: Do not initialize $gp in TLS macros.
      Update ChangeLog for BZ 22884 - riscv fmax/fmin
      [BZ #22342] Fix netgroup cache keys.
      Update kernel version in syscall-names.list to 4.16.

Daniel Alvarez (1):
      getifaddrs: Don't return ifa entries with NULL names [BZ #21812]

David Michael (1):
      Lookup the startup server through /servers/startup

Dmitry V. Levin (3):
      linux/aarch64: sync sys/ptrace.h with Linux 4.15 [BZ #22433]
      linux/powerpc: sync sys/ptrace.h with Linux 4.15 [BZ #22433, #22807]
      Update translations from the Translation Project

Dragan Stanojevic - Nevidljivi (1):
      hr_HR locale: fix thousands_sep and mon_thousands_sep

Florian Weimer (72):
      preadv2/pwritev2: Handle offset == -1 [BZ #22753]
      Record CVE-2018-6551 in NEWS and ChangeLog [BZ #22774]
      getlogin_r: switch Linux variant to struct scratch_buffer
      elf: Remove ad-hoc restrictions on dlopen callers [BZ #22787]
      ldconfig: Sync temporary files to disk before renaming them [BZ #20890]
      nptl: Move pthread_atfork to libc_nonshared.a
      nptl: Drop libpthread_nonshared.a from libpthread.so
      nptl: Turn libpthread.so into a symbolic link to the real DSO
      malloc: Revert sense of prev_inuse in comments
      Linux i386: tst-bz21269 triggers SIGBUS on some kernels
      support_format_addrinfo: Include unknown error number in result
      inet: Actually build and run tst-deadline
      manual: Move mbstouwcs to an example C file
      manual: Various fixes to the mbstouwcs example, and mbrtowc update
      resolv: Fully initialize struct mmsghdr in send_dg [BZ #23037]
      sunrpc: Remove stray exports without --enable-obsolete-rpc [BZ #23166]
      time: Use 64-bit time values for time zone parsing
      math: Merge strtod_nan_*.h into math-type-macros-*.h
      support: Add TEST_COMPARE_BLOB, support_quote_blob
      math: Reverse include order in <math-type-macros-*.h>
      i386: Drop -mpreferred-stack-boundary=4
      Implement allocate_once for atomic initialization with allocation
      Switch IDNA implementation to libidn2 [BZ #19728] [BZ #19729] [BZ #22247]
      Add references to CVE-2017-18269, CVE-2018-11236, CVE-2018-11237
      stdlib: Additional tests need generated locale dependencies
      support: Add wrappers for pthread_barrierattr_t
      libio: Avoid _allocate_buffer, _free_buffer function pointers [BZ #23236]
      Remove sysdeps/generic/libcidn.abilist
      math: Update i686 ulps
      math: Update i686 ulps (--disable-multi-arch configuration)
      x86: Make strncmp usable from rtld
      scripts/update-abilist.sh: Accept empty list of files to patch
      localedata: Make IBM273 compatible with ISO-8859-1 [BZ #23290]
      Linux: Create Netlink socket with SOCK_CLOEXEC in __check_pf [BZ #15722]
      libio: Avoid ptrdiff_t overflow in IO_validate_vtable
      math: Set 387 and SSE2 rounding mode for tgamma on i386 [BZ #23253]
      nscd restart: Use malloc instead of extend_alloca [BZ #18023]
      nscd: Use struct scratch_buffer, not extend_alloca in most caches [BZ #18023]
      nscd: Switch to struct scratch_buffer in adhstaiX [BZ #18023]
      getgrent_next_nss (compat-initgroups): Remove alloca fallback [BZ #18023]
      _nss_nis_initgroups_dyn: Use struct scratch_buffer [BZ #18023]
      getent: Use dynarray in initgroups_keys [BZ #18023]
      nss_files: Use struct scratch_buffer instead of extend_alloca [BZ #18023]
      libio: Disable vtable validation in case of interposition [BZ #23313]
      support: Add TEST_NO_SETVBUF
      libio: Add tst-vtables, tst-vtables-interposed
      sunrpc: Remove always-defined _RPC_THREAD_SAFE_ macro
      Run thread shutdown functions in an explicit order
      wordexp: Rewrite parse_tilde to use struct scratch_buffer [BZ #18023]
      gethostid (Linux variant): Switch to struct scratch_buffer [BZ #18023]
      _dl_map_object_deps: Use struct scratch_buffer [BZ #18023]
      Remove macros extend_alloca, extend_alloca_account [BZ #18023]
      Use _STRUCT_TIMESPEC as guard in <bits/types/struct_timespec.h> [BZ #23349]
      malloc: Update heap dumping/undumping comments [BZ #23351]
      stdio-common/tst-printf.c: Remove part under a non-free license [BZ #23363]
      testrun.sh: Implement --tool=strace, --tool=valgrind
      Add renameat2 function [BZ #17662]
      Compile debug/stack_chk_fail_local.c with stack protector
      Build csu/elf-init.c and csu/static-reloc.c with stack protector
      conform/conformtest.pl: Escape literal braces in regular expressions
      libio: Implement internal function __libc_readline_unlocked
      nss_files: Fix re-reading of long lines [BZ #18991]
      Fix copyright years in recent commits
      regexec: Fix off-by-one bug in weight comparison [BZ #23036]
      Add the statx function
      Install <bits/statx.h> header
      nptl: Use __mprotect consistently for _STACK_GROWS_UP
      regcomp: Fix off-by-one bug in build_equiv_class [BZ #23396]
      sh: Do not define __ASSUME_STATX
      alpha: mlock2, copy_file_range syscalls were introduced in kernel 4.13
      C11 threads: Fix timeout and locking issues
      htl: Use weak aliases for public symbols

Flávio Cruz (1):
      hurd: Define and pass UTIME_NOW and UTIME_OMIT to new file_utimens RPC

Francois Goichon (1):
      malloc: harden removal from unsorted list

Gabriel F. T. Gomes (3):
      powerpc64*: fix the order of implied sysdeps directories
      Fix parameter type in C++ version of iseqsig (bug 23171)
      ldbl-128ibm-compat: Add printf_size

H.J. Lu (76):
      sparc: Check PIC instead of SHARED in start.S [BZ #22638]
      x86-64: Use __glibc_likely/__glibc_likely in dl-machine.h
      Add a missing ChangeLog item in commit 371b220f620
      Fix a typo in ChangeLog entry
      i386: Use __glibc_likely/__glibc_likely in dl-machine.h
      Add DT_SYMTAB_SHNDX from gABI
      Use ADDRIDX with DT_GNU_HASH
      Define GEN_AS_CONST_HEADERS when generating header files [BZ #22792]
      Fix a typo in ChangeLog (bit_cpu_BIT -> bit_cpu_IBT)
      Fix a typo in ChangeLog: auch_fork -> arch_fork
      Remove hidden __libc_longjmp
      Add $(tests-execstack-$(have-z-execstack)) after defined [BZ #22998]
      Update RWF_SUPPORTED for Linux kernel 4.16 [BZ #22947]
      x86: Use pad in pthread_unwind_buf to preserve shadow stack register
      x86-64/setcontext: Pop the pointer into %rdx after syscall
      x86-64/swapcontext: Restore the pointer into %rdx after syscall
      x86-64/memset: Mark the debugger symbol as hidden
      x86-64: Remove the unnecessary testl in strlen-avx2.S
      x86: Add sysdeps/x86/ldsodefs.h
      i386: Replace PREINIT_FUNCTION@PLT with *%eax in call
      x86-64: Use IFUNC strncat inside libc.so
      nptl: Remove __ASSUME_PRIVATE_FUTEX
      Initial Fast Short REP MOVSB (FSRM) support
      x86-64: Check Prefer_FSRM in ifunc-memmove.h
      Add a test case for [BZ #23196]
      x86-64: Skip zero length in __mem[pcpy|move|set]_erms
      static-PIE: Update DT_DEBUG for debugger [BZ #23206]
      Mark _init and _fini as hidden [BZ #23145]
      i386: Change offset of __private_ss to 0x30 [BZ #23250]
      benchtests: Add -f/--functions argument
      x86: Rename __glibc_reserved1 to feature_1 in tcbhead_t [BZ #22563]
      x86: Support shadow stack pointer in setjmp/longjmp
      x86_64: Undef SHADOW_STACK_POINTER_OFFSET last
      x86: Support IBT and SHSTK in Intel CET [BZ #21598]
      x86: Always include <dl-cet.h>/cet-tunables.h> for --enable-cet
      x86: Add _CET_ENDBR to functions in crti.S
      x86: Add _CET_ENDBR to functions in dl-tlsdesc.S
      x86-64: Add _CET_ENDBR to STRCMP_SSE42
      i386: Add _CET_ENDBR to indirect jump targets in add_n.S/sub_n.S
      x86_64: Use _CET_NOTRACK in strcmp.S
      x86-64: Use _CET_NOTRACK in strcpy-sse2-unaligned.S
      x86-64: Use _CET_NOTRACK in strcmp-sse42.S
      x86-64: Use _CET_NOTRACK in memcpy-ssse3-back.S
      x86-64: Use _CET_NOTRACK in memcpy-ssse3.S
      i386: Use _CET_NOTRACK in i686/memcmp.S
      i386: Use _CET_NOTRACK in memset-sse2.S
      i386: Use _CET_NOTRACK in memcmp-sse4.S
      i386: Use _CET_NOTRACK in memcpy-ssse3-rep.S
      i386: Use _CET_NOTRACK in memcpy-ssse3.S
      i386: Use _CET_NOTRACK in strcpy-sse2.S
      i386: Use _CET_NOTRACK in strcat-sse2.S
      i386: Use _CET_NOTRACK in memset-sse2-rep.S
      x86-64: Use _CET_NOTRACK in memcmp-sse4.S
      Intel CET: Document --enable-cet
      x86/CET: Document glibc.tune.x86_ibt and glibc.tune.x86_shstk
      INSTALL: Add a note for Intel CET status
      x86-64: Add endbr64 to tst-quadmod[12].S
      x86: Update vfork to pop shadow stack
      Add <bits/indirect-return.h>
      x86/CET: Extend arch_prctl syscall for CET control
      x86: Rename __glibc_reserved2 to ssp_base in tcbhead_t
      x86/CET: Add tests with legacy non-CET shared objects
      Add a test for multiple makecontext calls
      Add another test for setcontext
      Add a test for multiple setcontext calls
      Add tests for setcontext on the context from makecontext
      x86-64/CET: Extend ucontext_t to save shadow stack
      x86/CET: Add a setcontext test for CET
      ia64: Work around incorrect type of IA64 uc_sigmask
      x86: Correct index_cpu_LZCNT [BZ # 23456]
      x86: Populate COMMON_CPUID_INDEX_80000001 for Intel CPUs [BZ #23459]
      Add the missing ChangeLog entry for commit be525a69a66
      x86/CET: Don't parse beyond the note end
      x86: Add tst-get-cpu-features-static to $(tests) [BZ #23458]
      x86/CET: Fix property note parser [BZ #23467]

Herman ten Brugge (1):
      Fix sign of NaN returned by strtod (bug 23007).

Hongbo Zhang (1):
      aarch64: add HXT Phecda core memory operation ifuncs

Igor Gnatenko (1):
      Linux: use reserved name __key in pkey_get [BZ #22797]

Jesse Hathaway (1):
      getlogin_r: return early when linux sentinel value is set

John David Anglin (2):
      Fix ulps for pow on hppa.
      The hppa-linux target still requires an executable stack for kernel

Joseph Myers (110):
      Do not use packed structures in soft-fp.
      Fix m68k bits/fenv.h for no-FPU ColdFire.
      Add ColdFire math-tests.h.
      Move some fenv.h override macros to generic math_private.h.
      Move fenv.h override inline functions to generic math_private.h.
      Add feholdexcept inline in generic math_private.h.
      Remove some math_private.h libc_fe* overrides.
      Remove some math_private.h libc_feholdexcept_setround overrides.
      Move LDBL_CLASSIFY_COMPAT to its own header.
      Update syscall-names.list for 4.15.
      Add MAP_SHARED_VALIDATE from Linux 4.15.
      Add MAP_SYNC from Linux 4.15.
      Add elf.h NT_* macros from Linux 4.15 (bug 14890).
      Add IPV6_FREEBIND from Linux 4.15.
      Only define loff_t for __USE_MISC (bug 14553).
      Use xmalloc in tst-setcontext-fpscr.c (bug 19668).
      Correct type of SSIZE_MAX for 32-bit (bug 13575).
      Move string/testcopy.c to test-driver.c and xmalloc (bug 19667).
      Fix non-__GNUC__ definitions of __inline and __restrict (bug 17721).
      Unify and simplify bits/byteswap.h, bits/byteswap-16.h headers (bug 14508, bug 15512, bug 17082, bug 20530).
      Fix -Os strcoll, wcscoll, build (bug 21313).
      Fix -Os gnu_dev_* linknamespace, localplt issues (bug 15105, bug 19463).
      Use MPFR 4.0.1 in build-many-glibcs.py.
      Define char16_t, char32_t consistently with uint_least16_t, uint_least32_t (bug 17979).
      Remove unused math/Makefile variable libm-test-incs.
      Add build infrastructure for narrowing libm functions.
      Add test infrastructure for narrowing libm functions.
      Handle narrowing function sNaN test disabling based on argument format.
      Fix narrowing function tests build for powerpc64le.
      Add narrowing add functions.
      Fix -Os feof_unlocked linknamespace, localplt issues (bug 15105, bug 19463).
      Use libc_hidden_* for fputs (bug 15105).
      Use libc_hidden_* for __cmsg_nxthdr (bug 15105).
      Use libc_hidden_* for argz_next, __argz_next (bug 15105).
      Fix hppa local PLT entries for sigprocmask (bug 18124).
      Document use of CC and CFLAGS in more detail (bug 20980, bug 21234).
      Fix -Os ferror_unlocked linknamespace, localplt issues (bug 15105, bug 19463).
      Fix -Os getc_unlocked linknamespace, localplt issues (bug 15105, bug 19463).
      Fix -Os putc_unlocked, fputc_unlocked linknamespace, localplt issues (bug 15105, bug 19463).
      Use libc_hidden_* for tolower, toupper (bug 15105).
      Use libc_hidden_* for atoi (bug 15105).
      Fix another -Os strcoll build issue.
      Fix two more -Os strcoll / wcscoll build failures.
      Use libc_hidden_* for strtoumax (bug 15105).
      Fix i386 fenv_private.h float128 for 32-bit --with-fpmath=sse (bug 22902).
      Fix powerpc ifunc-sel.h build for -Os.
      Fix s390 -Os iconv build.
      Remove old-GCC parts of x86 bits/mathinline.h.
      Remove more old-compilers parts of sysdeps/x86/fpu/bits/mathinline.h.
      Update i386 libm-test-ulps.
      Remove sysdeps/x86/fpu/bits/mathinline.h __finite inline.
      Add SHT_X86_64_UNWIND to elf.h (bug 20079).
      Add narrowing subtract functions.
      Fix signed integer overflow in random_r (bug 17343).
      Remove powerpc, sparc fdim inlines (bug 22987).
      Use x86_64 backtrace as generic version.
      Remove unused frame.h header, sigcontextinfo.h macros.
      Unify umount function implementations (bug 16552).
      Use Linux 4.16 in build-many-glibcs.py.
      Make build-many-glibcs.py build GCC for powerpcspe with --enable-obsolete.
      Update aarch64 bits/hwcap.h, dl-procinfo.c for Linux 4.16 HWCAP_ASIMDFHM.
      Define XTABS to TAB3 on alpha to match Linux 4.16.
      Add NT_PPC_PKEY from Linux 4.16 to elf.h.
      Add PTRACE_SECCOMP_GET_METADATA from Linux 4.16 to sys/ptrace.h.
      Fix Hurd glibc build with GCC 8.
      Use GCC 8 in build-many-glibcs.py by default.
      Remove tilegx port.
      Ignore absolute symbols in ABI tests.
      Move math_narrow_eval to separate math-narrow-eval.h.
      Move math_opt_barrier, math_force_eval to separate math-barriers.h.
      Move math_check_force_underflow macros to separate math-underflow.h.
      Do not include math-barriers.h in math_private.h.
      Add narrowing multiply functions.
      Update MIPS libm-test-ulps.
      Add narrowing divide functions.
      Fix year 2039 bug for localtime with 64-bit time_t (bug 22639).
      Obsolete nfsservctl.
      Split test-tgmath3 by function.
      Make llseek a compat symbol (bug 18471).
      Fix i686-linux-gnu build with GCC mainline.
      Remove sysdeps/aarch64/soft-fp directory.
      Remove sysdeps/alpha/soft-fp directory.
      Remove sysdeps/sh/soft-fp directory.
      Remove sysdeps/powerpc/soft-fp directory.
      Remove sysdeps/sparc/sparc32/soft-fp directory.
      Remove sysdeps/sparc/sparc64/soft-fp directory.
      Make powerpc-nofpu __sqrtsf2, __sqrtdf2 compat symbols (bug 18473).
      Use Linux 4.17 in build-many-glibcs.py.
      Update kernel version in syscall-names.list to 4.17.
      Add MAP_FIXED_NOREPLACE from Linux 4.17 to bits/mman.h.
      Add AArch64 hwcap values from Linux 4.17.
      Fix ldbl-96 fma (Inf, Inf, finite) (bug 23272).
      Do not use const attribute for nan functions (bug 23277).
      Fix strtod overflow detection (bug 23279).
      Ignore -Wrestrict for one strncat test.
      Add tests for sign of NaN returned by strtod (bug 23007).
      Fix powerpc64le build of nan-sign tests (bug 23303).
      Update MAP_TYPE value for hppa from Linux 4.17.
      Add MSG_STAT_ANY from Linux 4.17 to bits/msq.h.
      Add SEM_STAT_ANY from Linux 4.17 to bits/sem.h.
      Add SHM_STAT_ANY from Linux 4.17 to bits/shm.h.
      Fix scanf rounding of negative floating-point numbers (bug 23280).
      Fix bug-strspn1.c, bug-strpbrk1.c build with GCC mainline.
      Fix tst-cmp.c build with GCC mainline.
      Fix hardcoded /tmp paths in testing (bug 13888).
      Remove nptl/sockperf.c.
      Avoid insecure usage of tmpnam in tests.
      Use binutils 2.31 branch in build-many-glibcs.py.
      Update powerpc-nofpu ulps.

Leonardo Sandoval (6):
      x86-64: remove duplicate line on PREFETCH_ONE_SET macro
      Add missing changelog from previous commit
      x86-64: Optimize strcmp/wcscmp and strncmp/wcsncmp with AVX2
      benchtests: Add --no-diff and --no-header options
      benchtests: Catch exceptions in input arguments
      benchtests: improve argument parsing through argparse library

Maciej W. Rozycki (6):
      nptl_db: Remove stale `match_pid' parameter from `iterate_thread_list'
      elf: Unify symbol address run-time calculation [BZ #19818]
      elf: Correct absolute (SHN_ABS) symbol run-time calculation [BZ #19818]
      nisplus: Correct pwent parsing issue and resulting build error [BZ #23266]
      elf: Accept absolute (SHN_ABS) symbols whose value is zero [BZ #23307]
      libc-abis: Define ABSOLUTE ABI [BZ #19818][BZ #23307]

Mark Wielaard (1):
      elf.h: Add BPF relocation types.

Martin Sebor (1):
      Document interaction with GCC built-ins in the Customizing Printf

Michael Wolf (1):
      New locale: Lower Sorbian (dsb_DE) [BZ #23208]

Mike FABIAN (23):
      Add missing “reorder-end” in LC_COLLATE of et_EE [BZ #22517]
      Use “copy "es_BO"” in LC_TIME of es_CU, es_CL, and es_EC
      Use / instead of - in d_fmt for pt_BR and pt_PT [BZ #17438]
      Remove --quiet argument when installing locales
      Update iso14651_t1_common file to ISO14651_2016_TABLE1_en.txt [BZ #14095]
      Necessary changes after updating the iso14651_t1_common file
      iso14651_t1_common: <U\([0-9A-F][0-9A-F][0-9A-F][0-9A-F][0-9A-F]\)> → <U000\1>
      Fixing syntax errors after updating the iso14651_t1_common file
      Add convenience symbols like <AFTER-A>, <BEFORE-A> to iso14651_t1_common
      iso14651_t1_common: make the fourth level the codepoint for characters which are ignorable on all 4 levels
      Add sections for various scripts to the iso14651_t1_common file
      Collation order of ȥ has changed in new iso14651_t1_common file, adapt test files
      Collation order of @-. and space has changed in new iso14651_t1_common file, adapt test files
      Fix posix/bug-regex5.c test case, adapt to iso14651_t1_common upate
      Fix test cases tst-fnmatch and tst-regexloc for the new iso14651_t1_common file.
      Improve gen-locales.mk and gen-locale.sh to make test files with @ options work
      Adapt collation in several locales to the new iso14651_t1_common file
      Remove the lines from cmn_TW.UTF-8.in which cannot work at the moment.
      bg_BG locale: Fix a typo in a comment
      an_ES locale: update some locale data [BZ #22896]
      Fix tst-strfmon_l test for hr_HR locale
      Bug 23308: Update to Unicode 11.0.0
      Put the correct Unicode version number 11.0.0 into the generated files

Patrick McGehearty (1):
      Improves __ieee754_exp(x) performance by 18-37% when |x| < 1.0397

Patsy Franklin (1):
      In sem_open.c,  pad was not initialized when __HAVE_64B_ATOMICS was

Paul Pluzhnikov (3):
      Fix BZ 20419.  A PT_NOTE in a binary could be arbitratily large, so using
      Fix BZ 22786: integer addition overflow may cause stack buffer overflow
      Update ulps with "make regen-ulps" on AMD Ryzen 7 1800X.

Quentin PAGÈS (1):
      oc_FR locale: Multiple updates (bug 23140, bug 23422).

Rafal Luzynski (13):
      lt_LT locale: Update abbreviated month names (bug 22932).
      Greek (el_CY, el_GR) locales: Introduce ab_alt_mon (bug 22937).
      cs_CZ locale: Add alternative month names (bug 22963).
      NEWS: Mention the locale data changes (bug 22848, 22937, 22963).
      gd_GB: Fix typo in abbreviated "May" (bug 23152).
      gd_GB, hsb_DE, wa_BE: Add alternative month names (bug 23140).
      csb_PL: Update month translations + add yesstr/nostr (bug 19485).
      csb_PL: Add alternative month names (bug 23140).
      ast_ES: Add alternative month names (bug 23140).
      hy_AM: Add alternative month names (bug 23140).
      dsb_DE locale: Fix syntax error and add tests (bug 23208).
      os_RU: Add alternative month names (bug 23140).
      NEWS: Avoid the words "nominative" and "genitive".

Rajalakshmi Srinivasaraghavan (3):
      powerpc: Add multiarch sqrtf128 for ppc64le
      ldbl-128ibm-compat: Introduce ieee128 symbols
      Add long double input for strfmon test

Raymond Nicholson (1):
      manual/startup.texi (Aborting a Program): Remove inappropriate joke.

Rical Jasan (9):
      manual: Fix Texinfo warnings about improper node names.
      manual: Fix a syntax error.
      manual: Improve documentation of get_current_dir_name. [BZ #6889]
      manual: Document missing feature test macros.
      manual: Update the _ISOC99_SOURCE description.
      manual: Update _DEFAULT_SOURCE.  [BZ #22862]
      Fix a typo in a comment.
      Add [BZ #16335] annotation to ChangeLog entry.
      Add manual documentation for threads.h

Richard Braun (1):
      Hurd: fix port leak in TLS

Robert Buj (1):
      ca_ES locale: Update LC_TIME (bug 22848).

Rogerio Alves (1):
      powerpc64: Always restore TOC on longjmp [BZ #21895]

Samuel Thibault (131):
      hurd: Fix build
      hurd: Define EXEC_PAGESIZE
      hurd: Fix build on missing __ptsname_internal function
      hurd: fix build
      hurd: Add sysdep-cancel.h
      Move NPTL-specific code to NPTL-specific header
      hurd: fix timer_routines.c build
      hurd: fix gai_misc build
      hurd: fix timer_routines.c build
      hurd: do not check Mach and Hurd headers
      hurd: Add missing includes
      hurd: Add missing includes
      hurd: Move mach/param.h to bits/mach/param.h
      hurd: avoid including hurd/signal.h when not needed
      hurd: fix header conformity
      hurd: Add missing include
      hurd: Avoid using ino64_t and loff_t in headers
      hurd: Fix inclusion of mach headers in all standards
      hurd: Make almost all hurd headers includable in all standards
      Separate out error_t definition
      hurd: Add futimens support
      hurd: Fix includability of <hurd/signal.h> in all standards
      hurd: Add futimesat and utimensat support
      Add missing start-of-file descriptive comment.
      hurd: add gscope support
      hurd: add TLS support
      hurd: Fix getting signal thread stack layout for fork
      hurd: Replace threadvars with TLS
      hurd: Fix link cthread/pthread symbol exposition.
      hurd: Fix coding style
      x86_64: Fix build with RTLD_PRIVATE_ERRNO defined to 1
      hurd: Add missing include
      hurd: Fix copyright years
      hurd: Fix O_NOFOLLOW
      hurd: Fix O_DIRECTORY | O_NOFOLLOW
      hurd: Fix boot with statically-linked exec server
      hurd: Add mlockall support
      hurd: fix build
      hurd: Fix build with latest htl
      hurd: Code style fixes
      Fix errno values
      hurd: Fix accessing errno from rtld
      hurd: Initialize TLS and libpthread before signal thread start
      Add missing changelog from previous commit
      hurd: Fix calling __pthread_initialize_minimal in shared case
      hurd: Regenerate errno.h header
      hurd: advertise process memory locking option
      hurd: avoid letting signals go to thread created by timer_create
      hurd: Add hurd thread library
      hurd libpthread: add function missing in ABI list
      hurd: Advertise libpthread
      hurd: Remove bogus net/if_ppp.h
      hurd: Bump remaining LGPL2+ htl licences to LGPL 2.1+
      hurd: Announce that glibc now builds unpatched
      hurd: Fix exposition of UTIME_NOW, UTIME_OMIT
      hurd: Avoid local PLTs in libpthread.
      hurd: Avoid some PLTs in libc and librt
      Revert __dirfd PLT avoidance for now
      hurd: whitelist rtld symbols expected to be overridable
      hurd: Add __errno_location to overridable ld.so symbols
      hurd: Update localplt.data
      hurd: whitelist ld.so PLTs supposed to be avoided by rtld_hidden
      hurd: Avoid some libc.so PLTs
      hurd: Avoid more libc.so PLTs
      hurd: Fix typo
      hurd: Avoid more libc.so local PLTs
      hurd: Avoid local PLT in libpthread
      s390x: Fix hidden aliases
      hurd: Fix buffer overrun in __if_nametoindex
      Revert "s390x: Fix hidden aliases"
      Revert parts of "hurd: Avoid more libc.so local PLTs"
      hurd: Make __if_nametoindex return ENODEV if ifname is too long
      hurd: Fix missing trailing NUL in __if_nametoindex
      hurd: Silence warning
      hurd: Add missing symbols
      hurd: fix build
      hurd: Fix typo
      hurd: Avoid PLTs for longjmp & siglongjmp
      hurd: Avoid PLT for dirfd
      Revert "hurd: Avoid PLTs for longjmp & siglongjmp"
      hurd: fix conformity test for sys/un.h
      hurd: Fix spurious installation of headers defining hidden prototypes
      Fix sched_param
      conform sys/un.h: Allow sun_ prefix, not only sun_len
      Revert "Fix sched_param"
      hurd: Fix mach installed headers test
      hurd: xfail some structure fields ABI incompatibility with standards
      hurd: Fix standard compliance of some statvfs fields
      hurd: Update struct statfs according to struct statvfs
      hurd: Fix symbols exposition
      hurd: Avoid exposing all <sched.h> symbols from sys/types.h
      hurd: fix sigevent's sigev_notify_attributes field type
      hurd: remove non-standard siginfo symbol
      hurd: Fix termios.h symbols
      hurd: Add missing RLIM_SAVED_MAX/CUR
      hurd: Fix hurd installed headers test
      Drop fpregset unused symbol exposition
      Revert "hurd: Fix mach installed headers test"
      hurd: XFAIL appearance of sched_param and sched_priority from <sys/types.h>
      hurd: XFAIL tests for signal features not implemented yet
      hurd xfails: Add missing bug references
      hurd: Fix shmid_ds's shm_segsz field type
      hurd: xfail missing abilist for libmachuser and libhurduser
      hurd: update localplt.data
      hurd: Avoid PLTs for _hurd_port_locked_get/set
      hurd: Avoid PLTs for __mach_thread_self and __mach_reply_port
      hurd: Avoid a PLT reference
      hurd: Fix htl link failure
      hurd: avoid PLT ref between sendfile and sendfile64
      hurd: Detect 32bit overflow in value returned by lseek
      hurd: Avoid PLT ref for __pthread_get_cleanup_stack
      hurd: Avoid missing PLT ref from ld.so requirement
      hurd: Avoid PLT references to shortcuts
      hurd: Avoid PLT ref to __mach_msg
      hurd: Avoid PLT references to syscalls
      hurd: Whitelist PLT refs which are difficult to avoid
      hurd: Fix missing __pthread_get_cleanup_stack symbol
      hurd: Fix reference to _hurd_self_sigstate
      hurd: Fix "Missing required PLT reference"
      hurd: fix localplt.data format
      hurd: Enable thread-safe i386 atomic instructions
      Fix new file header
      hurd: Fix installed-headers tests
      check-execstack: Permit sysdeps to xfail some libs
      hurd: Fix some ld.so symbol override from libc
      hurd: Fix some ld.so symbol override from libc
      hurd: Fix some ld.so symbol override from libc
      hurd: Fix startup of static binaries linked against libpthread
      hurd: Add missing ChangeLog entry
      hurd: Fix exec usage of mach_setup_thread

Sean McKean (1):
      time: Reference CLOCKS_PER_SEC in clock comment [BZ #22735]

Siddhesh Poyarekar (18):
      benchtests: Reallocate buffers for every test run
      benchtests: Make bench-memcmp print json
      aarch64: Use the L() macro for labels in memcmp
      aarch64/strcmp: fix misaligned loop jump target
      benchtests: Convert strncmp benchmark output to json
      benchtests: Reallocate buffers for every strncmp implementation
      benchtests: Don't benchmark 0 length calls for strncmp
      Add ChangeLog entry for last 3 commits
      aarch64: Optimized memcmp for medium to large sizes
      aarch64: Fix branch target to loop16
      aarch64: Improve strncmp for mutually misaligned inputs
      aarch64/strncmp: Unbreak builds with old binutils
      aarch64/strncmp: Use lsr instead of mov+lsr
      benchtests: Move iterator declaration into loop header
      aarch64,falkor: Ignore prefetcher hints for memmove tail
      aarch64,falkor: Ignore prefetcher tagging for smaller copies
      aarch64,falkor: Use vector registers for memmove
      aarch64,falkor: Use vector registers for memcpy

Stefan Liebler (9):
      S390: Regenerate ULPs.
      Add runtime check if mutex will be elided in tst-mutex8 testcases.
      S390: Regenerate ULPs.
      S390: Regenerate ULPs.
      S390: Fix struct sigaction for 31bit in kernel_sigaction.h.
      Use volatile global counters in test-tgmath.c.
      Disable lock elision for mutex pretty printer tests.
      Fix blocking pthread_join. [BZ #23137]
      Fix string/tst-xbzero-opt if build with gcc head.

Steve Ellcey (2):
      IFUNC for Cavium ThunderX2
      aarch64: Use an ifunc/VDSO to implement gettimeofday in shared glibc.

Sylvain Lesage (1):
      es_BO locale: Change LC_PAPER to en_US (bug 22996).

Szabolcs Nagy (5):
      Remove slow paths from exp
      Fix documentation build with old makeinfo
      Use uint32_t sign in single precision math error handling functions
      aarch64: Remove HWCAP_CPUID from HWCAP_IMPORTANT

Thomas Schwinge (3):
      hurd: SOCK_CLOEXEC and SOCK_NONBLOCK for socket
      hurd: SOCK_CLOEXEC and SOCK_NONBLOCK for socketpair
      hurd: Implement pipe2

Tulio Magno Quites Machado Filho (14):
      powerpc: Update pow() ULPs
      powerpc: Undefine Linux ptrace macros that conflict with __ptrace_request
      powerpc: Update sin, cos and sincos ULPs
      Increase robustness of internal dlopen() by using RTLD_NOW [BZ #22766]
      Replace M_SUF (fabs) with M_FABS
      Replace M_SUF (M_LN2) with M_MLIT (M_LN2)
      Replace hidden_def with libm_hidden_def in math
      powerpc: Fix the compiler type used with C++ when -mabi=ieeelongdouble
      powerpc: Move around math-related Implies
      powerpc64le: Fix TFtype in sqrtf128 when using -mabi=ieeelongdouble
      Move declare_mgen_finite_alias definition
      Add a generic significand implementation
      ldbl-128ibm-compat: Create libm-alias-float128.h
      m68k: Reorganize log1p and significand implementations

Valery Timiriliyev (1):
      New locale: Yakut (Sakha) for Russia (sah_RU) [BZ #22241]

Vincent Chen (1):
      Add Andes nds32 dynamic relocations to elf.h

Wilco Dijkstra (20):
      Remove slow paths from log
      [AArch64] Use builtins for fpcr/fpsr
      [AArch64] Fix testsuite error due to fpsr/fscr change
      Remove slow paths from pow
      Remove mplog and mpexp
      [AArch64] Fix include.
      Use correct includes in benchtests
      Add support for sqrt asm redirects
      Rename all __ieee754_sqrt(f/l) calls to sqrt(f/l)
      Remove all target specific __ieee754_sqrt(f/l) inlines
      Revert m68k __ieee754_sqrt change
      Undefine attribute_hidden to fix benchtests
      sin/cos slow paths: avoid slow paths for small inputs
      sin/cos slow paths: remove large range reduction
      sin/cos slow paths: remove slow paths from small range reduction
      sin/cos slow paths: remove slow paths from huge range reduction
      sin/cos slow paths: remove unused slowpath functions
      sin/cos slow paths: refactor duplicated code into dosin
      sin/cos slow paths: refactor sincos implementation
      Improve strstr performance

Zack Weinberg (23):
      Remove some unnecessary redefinitions of std symbols.
      Remove getc and putc macros from the public stdio.h.
      Don't install libio.h or _G_config.h.
      Post-cleanup 1: move libio.h back out of bits/.
      Post-cleanup 2: minimize _G_config.h.
      [BZ #22830] malloc_stats: restore cancellation for stderr correctly.
      [BZ #19239] Don't include sys/sysmacros.h from sys/types.h.
      Remove vestiges of external build support from libio headers.
      Mechanically remove _IO_ name aliases for types and constants.
      Remove legacy configuration knobs from libio.
      Remove _IO_file_flags define.
      Remove miscellaneous debris from libio.
      alpha/clone.S: Invoke .set noat/.set at around explicit uses of $at
      Don't include math.h/math_private.h in math_ldbl_opt.h.
      nldbl-compat.c: Include math.h before nldbl-compat.h.
      [BZ 1190] Make EOF sticky in stdio.
      Make sysdeps/generic/internal-signals.h less stubby.
      NEWS: Reindent and copyedit
      Avoid cancellable I/O primitives in ld.so.
      Disallow use of DES encryption functions in new programs.
      manual: Reorganize crypt.texi.
      manual: Revise crypt.texi.
      New configure option --disable-crypt.

Zong Li (1):
      Change URL of gcc's tarball