Bug 791

Summary: wrong time zone for Asia/Jakarta
Product: glibc Reporter: Andy Samuel <anci>
Component: libcAssignee: GOTO Masanori <gotom>
Severity: critical CC: bknliem, eggert, glibc-bugs
Priority: P1 Flags: fweimer: security-
Version: 2.3.4   
Target Milestone: ---   
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Description Andy Samuel 2005-03-17 05:55:45 UTC
The time zone information for Asia/Jakarta is not WIT.
It should be WIB, GMT + 7.
I know this exactly because I'm living here.

Thank you
Comment 1 GOTO Masanori 2005-03-20 01:51:03 UTC
I asked this issue to timezone maintainer, but I didn't get any
responce.  I recommend you to show us the official information instead
of your knowledge, because we're hard to distinguish it's public
approved rule or not.

BTW, IIRC, the requested rule is not only WIT but also WITA or WIT:

        Name:              offset  current LTM  new LTM
        Asia/Jakarta       UTC+7   WIT          WIB
        Asia/Pontianak     UTC+7   WIT          WIB
        Asia/Makassar      UTC+8   CIT          WITA
        Asia/Jayapura      UTC+9   EIT          WIT

Is this also correct?
Comment 2 Paul Eggert 2005-03-20 08:49:43 UTC
As I understand it, abbreviations like "WIB" are in the Bahasa Indonesia
language; for example, "WIB" stands for "Waktu Indonesia Barat".  However,
the tz abbreviations are English.  For example, the abbreviation for the
current time in Montreal is "EST" (short for "Eastern Standard Time"),
even though most inhabitants of Montreal speak French and use a different

The Unicode CLDR project <http://unicode.org/cldr/> is currently attempting
to address this issue, by providing translations for time zone abbreviations.
I suggest you contact them, as their current list of translations
does not seem to address Indonesia.
Comment 3 GOTO Masanori 2005-03-22 03:50:51 UTC
Paul, thanks for your explanation.

Andy, how about his opinion?  IMHO if you want to change
the language-specific TZ name, it's nice to contact to Unicode
CLDR Project.
Comment 4 Andy Samuel 2005-03-22 10:36:43 UTC
Sorry for the long delay.
I'm rather confused with how to submit the reply.
This is my first time to use Bugzilla :)

WIT is just fine for me if it stands for Western Indonesian Time.
The table given by Mr. Masanori is correct.
I think most of users here in Indonesia confused because we thought WIT should 
be stand for 'Waktu Indonesia Timur' which is EIT (Eastern Indonesian Time ).

I will certainly contact the Unicode CLDR project.

Thank you so much for all the replies :)
Comment 5 Andy Samuel 2005-03-23 02:14:32 UTC
On second thought, rather than me comes up with my own personal opinion, I 
think I will raise this issue to a larger community in Indonesia.
Hopefully, the goverment will speak / act on behalf of the community.

Once again, thank you all for your great support. :)
Comment 6 bennylin 2013-02-13 13:51:03 UTC
Hi, I was referred here through Wikimedia's Bugzilla https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=44758

The problem is that it's now widely used in Indonesian Wikipedia projects (previously used UTC), and as it is now, it tend to mislead people (the conversation is done in Indonesian, but the Timezone in English? With the same abbreviation as another timezone in Indonesian language?) So potentially a lot of people will be quite annoyed, as it has been now.

Suggesting something else that will clear the ambiguation.

See also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_in_Indonesia
Comment 7 Andreas Schwab 2013-02-13 14:53:04 UTC
Any discussion about the timezone data needs to be placed on <tz@iana.org>.  The result thereof will appear in glibc by importing the unchanged contents of the tzdata distribution from the tz project <http://www.iana.org/time-zones>.
Comment 8 bennylin 2013-02-13 14:59:32 UTC
Okay, thanks.