Bug 6040

Summary: fr_FR is not correct for abmon, adday, d_fmt and grouping
Product: glibc Reporter: Stéphane Raimbault <stephane.raimbault>
Component: localedataAssignee: GNU C Library Locale Maintainers <libc-locales>
Severity: normal CC: glibc-bugs
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Description Stéphane Raimbault 2008-04-05 20:34:59 UTC
I have spotted some mistakes in the fr_FR file of the glibc so we have
talked about that problem[1] on traduc.org[2] mailing list.

The use of 'avril' isn't conventional to abbreviate 'avril' but we've
chosen to use it because the full word has only 5 characters length and
the usual abbreviation has 4.

We have fixed the following translations:

1 - abmon:
jan -> janv.
fév -> févr.
mar -> mars
avr -> avril
mai -> mai
jui -> juin
jul -> juil.
aoû -> août
sep -> sept.
oct -> oct.
nov -> nov.
déc -> déc.

2 - adday:
dim -> dim.
lun -> lun.
mar -> mar.
mer -> mer.
jeu -> jeu.
ven -> ven.
sam -> sam.

- article 'Typographie : date, heure, adresse, téléphone, mail' of
Jacques Poitou, of the university Lumière Lyon-2, indicate the same
abreviations of months (except the one for 'avril' ('avr.'))

- 'Ramat de la Typographie' (2002, ISBN2-922366-01-4) use the same
abbreviations except for 'avril' => 'avr.' and 'juillet' => 'juill.'.

- The 'Office québécois' of the french language advocates 'juill.'
instead of 'juil.'

- Wikipedia (http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mois) advocates 'juil.' or
'juill' for 'juillet'.

- the article DATE of posthumous document « Orthotypographie, dictionnaire
raisonné » of Jean-Pierre Lacroux advocates the same abbreviations :

3 - d_fmt: in French, the separator is not a dot but a slash!

- Wikipedia: http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dates
- The article « Typographie : date, heure, adresse, téléphone, mail » of
Jacques Poitou : http://perso.univ-lyon2.fr/~poitou/Typo/t05a.html

4 - the document n972-14652ft.pdf explains the meaning of grouping in
LC_NUMERIC and I in French we must use 'grouping 3' and not the
useless current 'grouping 0;0' (tested with printf("%'d", 2000000) =>
2 000 000).

References :
- « Tout sur les unités de mesure » of Thierry Thomasset, Université
technologique of Compiègne :
- lesson of maths for physics and chemistry of the 'Université en
ligne' :


PS : I already posted this message on libc-locales@sourceware.org,

[1] http://www.traduc.org/pipermail/traduc/2008-January/005362.html
[2] http://traduc.org, french translation of Open Source projects
(glossary, tools, desktop, man-pages, howto, etc).
Comment 1 Stéphane Raimbault 2008-04-05 20:40:35 UTC
Created attachment 2355 [details]
fr_FR patch
Comment 2 Ulrich Drepper 2008-04-08 00:18:27 UTC
I've made the changes.  But I expect that you'll be defending them in case
somebody complains.