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Index Entry  Section

": Symbols

-(: Options
--accept-unknown-input-arch: Options
--add-needed: Options
--add-stdcall-alias: Options
--allow-multiple-definition: Options
--allow-shlib-undefined: Options
--architecture=arch: Options
--as-needed: Options
--audit AUDITLIB: Options
--auxiliary=name: Options
--bank-window: Options
--base-file: Options
--be8: ARM
--bss-plt: PowerPC ELF32
--build-id: Options
--build-id=style: Options
--check-sections: Options
--cmse-implib: ARM
--compress-debug-sections=none: Options
--compress-debug-sections=zlib: Options
--compress-debug-sections=zlib-gabi: Options
--compress-debug-sections=zlib-gnu: Options
--copy-dt-needed-entries: Options
--cref: Options
--default-imported-symver: Options
--default-script=script: Options
--default-symver: Options
--defsym=symbol=exp: Options
--demangle[=style]: Options
--depaudit AUDITLIB: Options
--disable-auto-image-base: Options
--disable-auto-import: Options
--disable-large-address-aware: Options
--disable-long-section-names: Options
--disable-new-dtags: Options
--disable-runtime-pseudo-reloc: Options
--disable-stdcall-fixup: Options
--discard-all: Options
--discard-locals: Options
--dll: Options
--dll-search-prefix: Options
--dotsyms: PowerPC64 ELF64
--dsbt-index: Options
--dsbt-size: Options
--dynamic-linker=file: Options
--dynamic-list-cpp-new: Options
--dynamic-list-cpp-typeinfo: Options
--dynamic-list-data: Options
--dynamic-list=dynamic-list-file: Options
--dynamicbase: Options
--eh-frame-hdr: Options
--embedded-relocs: Options
--emit-relocs: Options
--emit-stack-syms: SPU ELF
--emit-stub-syms: PowerPC ELF32
--emit-stub-syms: PowerPC64 ELF64
--emit-stub-syms: SPU ELF
--enable-auto-image-base: Options
--enable-auto-import: Options
--enable-extra-pe-debug: Options
--enable-long-section-names: Options
--enable-new-dtags: Options
--enable-runtime-pseudo-reloc: Options
--enable-stdcall-fixup: Options
--entry=entry: Options
--error-unresolved-symbols: Options
--exclude-all-symbols: Options
--exclude-libs: Options
--exclude-modules-for-implib: Options
--exclude-symbols: Options
--export-all-symbols: Options
--export-dynamic: Options
--extra-overlay-stubs: SPU ELF
--fatal-warnings: Options
--file-alignment: Options
--filter=name: Options
--fix-arm1176: ARM
--fix-cortex-a53-835769: ARM
--fix-cortex-a8: ARM
--fix-stm32l4xx-629360: ARM
--fix-v4bx: ARM
--fix-v4bx-interworking: ARM
--force-dynamic: Options
--force-exe-suffix: Options
--force-group-allocation: Options
--forceinteg: Options
--format=format: Options
--format=version: TI COFF
--gc-keep-exported: Options
--gc-sections: Options
--got: Options
--got=type: M68K
--gpsize=value: Options
--hash-size=number: Options
--hash-style=style: Options
--heap: Options
--help: Options
--high-entropy-va: Options
--ignore-branch-isa: Options
--ignore-branch-isa: MIPS
--image-base: Options
--in-implib=file: ARM
--insert-timestamp: Options
--insn32: Options
--insn32: MIPS
--just-symbols=file: Options
--kill-at: Options
--large-address-aware: Options
--ld-generated-unwind-info: Options
--leading-underscore: Options
--library-path=dir: Options
--library=namespec: Options
--local-store=lo:hi: SPU ELF
--long-plt: ARM
--major-image-version: Options
--major-os-version: Options
--major-subsystem-version: Options
--merge-exidx-entries: ARM
--minor-image-version: Options
--minor-os-version: Options
--minor-subsystem-version: Options
--mri-script=MRI-cmdfile: Options
--multi-subspace: HPPA ELF32
--nmagic: Options
--no-accept-unknown-input-arch: Options
--no-add-needed: Options
--no-allow-shlib-undefined: Options
--no-apply-dynamic-relocs: ARM
--no-as-needed: Options
--no-bind: Options
--no-check-sections: Options
--no-copy-dt-needed-entries: Options
--no-define-common: Options
--no-demangle: Options
--no-dotsyms: PowerPC64 ELF64
--no-dynamic-linker: Options
--no-eh-frame-hdr: Options
--no-enum-size-warning: ARM
--no-export-dynamic: Options
--no-fatal-warnings: Options
--no-fix-arm1176: ARM
--no-fix-cortex-a53-835769: ARM
--no-fix-cortex-a8: ARM
--no-gc-sections: Options
--no-ignore-branch-isa: Options
--no-ignore-branch-isa: MIPS
--no-insn32: Options
--no-insn32: MIPS
--no-isolation: Options
--no-keep-memory: Options
--no-leading-underscore: Options
--no-merge-exidx-entries: Options
--no-merge-exidx-entries: ARM
--no-multi-toc: PowerPC64 ELF64
--no-omagic: Options
--no-opd-optimize: PowerPC64 ELF64
--no-overlays: SPU ELF
--no-plt-align: PowerPC64 ELF64
--no-plt-static-chain: PowerPC64 ELF64
--no-plt-thread-safe: PowerPC64 ELF64
--no-print-gc-sections: Options
--no-save-restore-funcs: PowerPC64 ELF64
--no-seh: Options
--no-strip-discarded: Options
--no-tls-get-addr-optimize: PowerPC64 ELF64
--no-tls-optimize: PowerPC ELF32
--no-tls-optimize: PowerPC64 ELF64
--no-toc-optimize: PowerPC64 ELF64
--no-toc-sort: PowerPC64 ELF64
--no-trampoline: Options
--no-undefined: Options
--no-undefined-version: Options
--no-warn-mismatch: Options
--no-warn-search-mismatch: Options
--no-wchar-size-warning: ARM
--no-whole-archive: Options
--noinhibit-exec: Options
--non-overlapping-opd: PowerPC64 ELF64
--nxcompat: Options
--oformat=output-format: Options
--omagic: Options
--orphan-handling=MODE: Options
--out-implib: Options
--output-def: Options
--output=output: Options
--pic-executable: Options
--pic-veneer: ARM
--plt-align: PowerPC64 ELF64
--plt-static-chain: PowerPC64 ELF64
--plt-thread-safe: PowerPC64 ELF64
--plugin: SPU ELF
--pop-state: Options
--print-gc-sections: Options
--print-map: Options
--print-memory-usage: Options
--print-output-format: Options
--push-state: Options
--reduce-memory-overheads: Options
--relax: Options
--relax on i960: i960
--relax on Nios II: Nios II
--relax on PowerPC: PowerPC ELF32
--relax on Xtensa: Xtensa
--relocatable: Options
--require-defined=symbol: Options
--retain-symbols-file=filename: Options
--s390-pgste: S/390 ELF
--save-restore-funcs: PowerPC64 ELF64
--script=script: Options
--sdata-got: PowerPC ELF32
--section-alignment: Options
--section-start=sectionname=org: Options
--secure-plt: PowerPC ELF32
--sort-common: Options
--sort-section=alignment: Options
--sort-section=name: Options
--spare-dynamic-tags: Options
--split-by-file: Options
--split-by-reloc: Options
--stack: Options
--stack-analysis: SPU ELF
--stats: Options
--strip-all: Options
--strip-debug: Options
--strip-discarded: Options
--stub-group-size: PowerPC64 ELF64
--stub-group-size=N: ARM
--stub-group-size=N: HPPA ELF32
--subsystem: Options
--support-old-code: ARM
--sysroot=directory: Options
--target-help: Options
--target1-abs: ARM
--target1-rel: ARM
--target2=type: ARM
--task-link: Options
--thumb-entry=entry: ARM
--tls-get-addr-optimize: PowerPC64 ELF64
--trace: Options
--trace-symbol=symbol: Options
--traditional-format: Options
--tsaware: Options
--undefined=symbol: Options
--unique[=SECTION]: Options
--unresolved-symbols: Options
--use-blx: ARM
--use-nul-prefixed-import-tables: ARM
--verbose[=NUMBER]: Options
--version: Options
--version-script=version-scriptfile: Options
--vfp11-denorm-fix: ARM
--warn-alternate-em: Options
--warn-common: Options
--warn-constructors: Options
--warn-multiple-gp: Options
--warn-once: Options
--warn-section-align: Options
--warn-shared-textrel: Options
--warn-unresolved-symbols: Options
--wdmdriver: Options
--whole-archive: Options
--wrap=symbol: Options
-A arch: Options
-a keyword: Options
-assert keyword: Options
-b format: Options
-Bdynamic: Options
-Bgroup: Options
-Bshareable: Options
-Bstatic: Options
-Bsymbolic: Options
-Bsymbolic-functions: Options
-c MRI-cmdfile: Options
-call_shared: Options
-d: Options
-dc: Options
-dn: Options
-dp: Options
-dT script: Options
-dy: Options
-E: Options
-e entry: Options
-EB: Options
-EL: Options
-f name: Options
-F name: Options
-fini=name: Options
-g: Options
-G value: Options
-h name: Options
-i: Options
-Ifile: Options
-init=name: Options
-L dir: Options
-l namespec: Options
-M: Options
-m emulation: Options
-Map=mapfile: Options
-n: Options
-N: Options
–no-relax: Options
-non_shared: Options
-nostdlib: Options
-O level: Options
-o output: Options
-P AUDITLIB: Options
-pie: Options
-plugin name: Options
-q: Options
-qmagic: Options
-Qy: Options
-r: Options
-R file: Options
-rpath-link=dir: Options
-rpath=dir: Options
-s: Options
-S: Options
-shared: Options
-soname=name: Options
-static: Options
-t: Options
-T script: Options
-Tbss=org: Options
-Tdata=org: Options
-Tldata-segment=org: Options
-Trodata-segment=org: Options
-Ttext-segment=org: Options
-Ttext=org: Options
-u symbol: Options
-Ur: Options
-v: Options
-V: Options
-x: Options
-X: Options
-Y path: Options
-y symbol: Options
-z defs: Options
-z keyword: Options
-z muldefs: Options

.: Location Counter

/DISCARD/: Output Section Discarding

32-bit PLT entries: ARM

:phdr: Output Section Phdr

=fillexp: Output Section Fill

>region: Output Section Region

[COMMON]: Input Section Common

AArch64 rela addend: ARM
absolute and relocatable symbols: Expression Section
absolute expressions: Expression Section
ABSOLUTE(exp): Builtin Functions
ADDR(section): Builtin Functions
address, section: Output Section Address
align expression: Builtin Functions
align location counter: Builtin Functions
ALIGN(align): Builtin Functions
ALIGN(exp,align): Builtin Functions
ALIGN(section_align): Forced Output Alignment
aligned common symbols: WIN32
ALIGNOF(section): Builtin Functions
allocating memory: MEMORY
architecture: Miscellaneous Commands
architectures: Options
archive files, from cmd line: Options
archive search path in linker script: File Commands
arithmetic: Expressions
arithmetic operators: Operators
ARM interworking support: ARM
ARM1176 erratum workaround: ARM
ASSERT: Miscellaneous Commands
assertion in linker script: Miscellaneous Commands
assignment in scripts: Assignments
AS_NEEDED(files): File Commands
AT(lma): Output Section LMA
AT>lma_region: Output Section LMA
automatic data imports: WIN32

back end: BFD
BFD canonical format: Canonical format
BFD requirements: BFD
big-endian objects: Options
binary input format: Options
BLOCK(exp): Builtin Functions
bug criteria: Bug Criteria
bug reports: Bug Reporting
bugs in ld: Reporting Bugs
BYTE(expression): Output Section Data

C++ constructors, arranging in link: Output Section Keywords
combining symbols, warnings on: Options
COMDAT: Options
COMDAT: Miscellaneous Commands
command files: Scripts
command line: Options
common allocation: Options
common allocation: Options
common allocation in linker script: Miscellaneous Commands
common allocation in linker script: Miscellaneous Commands
common symbol placement: Input Section Common
COMMONPAGESIZE: Symbolic Constants
compatibility, MRI: Options
CONSTANT: Symbolic Constants
constants in linker scripts: Constants
constraints on output sections: Output Section Constraint
constructors: Options
CONSTRUCTORS: Output Section Keywords
constructors, arranging in link: Output Section Keywords
Cortex-A53 erratum 835769 workaround: ARM
Cortex-A8 erratum workaround: ARM
crash of linker: Bug Criteria
CREATE_OBJECT_SYMBOLS: Output Section Keywords
creating a DEF file: WIN32
cross reference table: Options
cross references: Miscellaneous Commands
cross references: Miscellaneous Commands
current output location: Location Counter

data: Output Section Data
DATA_SEGMENT_ALIGN(maxpagesize, commonpagesize): Builtin Functions
DATA_SEGMENT_END(exp): Builtin Functions
DATA_SEGMENT_RELRO_END(offset, exp): Builtin Functions
dbx: Options
DEF files, creating: Options
default emulation: Environment
default input format: Environment
defined symbol: Options
DEFINED(symbol): Builtin Functions
deleting local symbols: Options
demangling, default: Environment
demangling, from command line: Options
direct linking to a dll: WIN32
discarding sections: Output Section Discarding
discontinuous memory: MEMORY
DLLs, creating: Options
DLLs, creating: Options
DLLs, creating: Options
DLLs, linking to: Options
dot: Location Counter
dot inside sections: Location Counter
dot outside sections: Location Counter
dynamic linker, from command line: Options
dynamic symbol table: Options

ELF program headers: PHDRS
emulation: Options
emulation, default: Environment
endianness: Options
entry point: Entry Point
entry point, from command line: Options
entry point, thumb: ARM
ENTRY(symbol): Entry Point
error on valid input: Bug Criteria
example of linker script: Simple Example
EXCLUDE_FILE: Input Section Basics
exporting DLL symbols: WIN32
expression evaluation order: Evaluation
expression sections: Expression Section
expression, absolute: Builtin Functions
expressions: Expressions
EXTERN: Miscellaneous Commands

fatal signal: Bug Criteria
file name wildcard patterns: Input Section Wildcards
filename symbols: Output Section Keywords
fill pattern, entire section: Output Section Fill
FILL(expression): Output Section Data
finalization function: Options
first input file: File Commands
first instruction: Entry Point
FORCE_COMMON_ALLOCATION: Miscellaneous Commands
FORCE_GROUP_ALLOCATION: Miscellaneous Commands
forcing input section alignment: Forced Input Alignment
forcing output section alignment: Forced Output Alignment
forcing the creation of dynamic sections: Options
functions in expressions: Builtin Functions

garbage collection: Options
garbage collection: Options
garbage collection: Options
garbage collection: Input Section Keep
generating optimized output: Options
GNU linker: Overview
GNUTARGET: Environment
group allocation in linker script: Options
group allocation in linker script: Miscellaneous Commands
GROUP(files): File Commands
grouping input files: File Commands
groups of archives: Options

H8/300 support: H8/300
header size: Builtin Functions
heap size: Options
help: Options
holes: Location Counter
holes, filling: Output Section Data
HPPA multiple sub-space stubs: HPPA ELF32
HPPA stub grouping: HPPA ELF32

i960 support: i960
image base: Options
implicit linker scripts: Implicit Linker Scripts
import libraries: WIN32
INCLUDE filename: File Commands
including a linker script: File Commands
including an entire archive: Options
incremental link: Options
initialization function: Options
initialized data in ROM: Output Section LMA
input file format in linker script: Format Commands
input filename symbols: Output Section Keywords
input files in linker scripts: File Commands
input files, displaying: Options
input format: Options
input format: Options
Input import library: ARM
input object files in linker scripts: File Commands
input section alignment: Forced Input Alignment
input section basics: Input Section Basics
input section wildcards: Input Section Wildcards
input sections: Input Section
INPUT(files): File Commands
INSERT: Miscellaneous Commands
insert user script into default script: Miscellaneous Commands
integer notation: Constants
integer suffixes: Constants
internal object-file format: Canonical format
invalid input: Bug Criteria

K and M integer suffixes: Constants
KEEP: Input Section Keep

lazy evaluation: Evaluation
ld bugs, reporting: Bug Reporting
ldata segment origin, cmd line: Options
LDEMULATION: Environment
LD_FEATURE(string): Miscellaneous Commands
len =: MEMORY
LENGTH(memory): Builtin Functions
library search path in linker script: File Commands
link map: Options
link-time runtime library search path: Options
linker crash: Bug Criteria
linker script concepts: Basic Script Concepts
linker script example: Simple Example
linker script file commands: File Commands
linker script format: Script Format
linker script input object files: File Commands
linker script simple commands: Simple Commands
linker scripts: Scripts
little-endian objects: Options
load address: Output Section LMA
LOADADDR(section): Builtin Functions
loading, preventing: Output Section Type
local symbols, deleting: Options
location counter: Location Counter
LOG2CEIL(exp): Builtin Functions
LONG(expression): Output Section Data

M and K integer suffixes: Constants
M68HC11 and 68HC12 support: M68HC11/68HC12
machine architecture: Miscellaneous Commands
machine dependencies: Machine Dependent
mapping input sections to output sections: Input Section
MAX: Builtin Functions
MAXPAGESIZE: Symbolic Constants
memory region attributes: MEMORY
memory regions: MEMORY
memory regions and sections: Output Section Region
memory usage: Options
memory usage: Options
Merging exidx entries: ARM
MIN: Builtin Functions
MIPS branch relocation check control: MIPS
MIPS microMIPS instruction choice selection: MIPS
Motorola 68K GOT generation: M68K
MRI compatibility: MRI
MSP430 extra sections: MSP430

name, section: Output Section Name
names: Symbols
naming the output file: Options
NEXT(exp): Builtin Functions
Nios II call relaxation: Nios II
NMAGIC: Options
NOCROSSREFS(sections): Miscellaneous Commands
NOCROSSREFS_TO(tosection fromsections): Miscellaneous Commands
NOLOAD: Output Section Type
not enough room for program headers: Builtin Functions

objdump -i: BFD
object file management: BFD
object files: Options
object formats available: BFD
object size: Options
OMAGIC: Options
OMAGIC: Options
ONLY_IF_RO: Output Section Constraint
ONLY_IF_RW: Output Section Constraint
opening object files: BFD outline
operators for arithmetic: Operators
options: Options
org =: MEMORY
ORIGIN(memory): Builtin Functions
orphan: Orphan Sections
orphan sections: Options
output file after errors: Options
output file format in linker script: Format Commands
output file name in linker script: File Commands
output format: Options
output section alignment: Forced Output Alignment
output section attributes: Output Section Attributes
output section data: Output Section Data
OUTPUT(filename): File Commands
OUTPUT_ARCH(bfdarch): Miscellaneous Commands
OUTPUT_FORMAT(bfdname): Format Commands
OVERLAY: Overlay Description
overlays: Overlay Description

partial link: Options
PE import table prefixing: ARM
Placement of SG veneers: ARM
pop state governing input file handling: Options
position independent executables: Options
PowerPC ELF32 options: PowerPC ELF32
PowerPC GOT: PowerPC ELF32
PowerPC long branches: PowerPC ELF32
PowerPC PLT: PowerPC ELF32
PowerPC stub symbols: PowerPC ELF32
PowerPC TLS optimization: PowerPC ELF32
PowerPC64 dot symbols: PowerPC64 ELF64
PowerPC64 ELF64 options: PowerPC64 ELF64
PowerPC64 multi-TOC: PowerPC64 ELF64
PowerPC64 OPD optimization: PowerPC64 ELF64
PowerPC64 OPD spacing: PowerPC64 ELF64
PowerPC64 PLT call stub static chain: PowerPC64 ELF64
PowerPC64 PLT call stub thread safety: PowerPC64 ELF64
PowerPC64 PLT stub alignment: PowerPC64 ELF64
PowerPC64 register save/restore functions: PowerPC64 ELF64
PowerPC64 stub grouping: PowerPC64 ELF64
PowerPC64 stub symbols: PowerPC64 ELF64
PowerPC64 TLS optimization: PowerPC64 ELF64
PowerPC64 TOC optimization: PowerPC64 ELF64
PowerPC64 TOC sorting: PowerPC64 ELF64
PowerPC64 __tls_get_addr optimization: PowerPC64 ELF64
precedence in expressions: Operators
prevent unnecessary loading: Output Section Type
program headers: PHDRS
program headers and sections: Output Section Phdr
program headers, not enough room: Builtin Functions
program segments: PHDRS
push state governing input file handling: Options

QUAD(expression): Output Section Data
quoted symbol names: Symbols

read-only text: Options
read/write from cmd line: Options
region alias: REGION_ALIAS
region names: REGION_ALIAS
regions of memory: MEMORY
relative expressions: Expression Section
relaxing addressing modes: Options
relaxing on H8/300: H8/300
relaxing on i960: i960
relaxing on M68HC11: M68HC11/68HC12
relaxing on NDS32: NDS32
relaxing on Xtensa: Xtensa
relocatable and absolute symbols: Expression Section
relocatable output: Options
removing sections: Output Section Discarding
reporting bugs in ld: Reporting Bugs
requirements for BFD: BFD
retain relocations in final executable: Options
retaining specified symbols: Options
rodata segment origin, cmd line: Options
ROM initialized data: Output Section LMA
round up expression: Builtin Functions
round up location counter: Builtin Functions
runtime library name: Options
runtime library search path: Options
runtime pseudo-relocation: WIN32

S/390: S/390 ELF
S/390 ELF options: S/390 ELF
scaled integers: Constants
scommon section: Input Section Common
script files: Options
script files: Options
scripts: Scripts
search directory, from cmd line: Options
search path in linker script: File Commands
SEARCH_DIR(path): File Commands
section address: Output Section Address
section address in expression: Builtin Functions
section alignment: Builtin Functions
section alignment, warnings on: Options
section data: Output Section Data
section fill pattern: Output Section Fill
section groups: Options
section groups: Miscellaneous Commands
section load address: Output Section LMA
section load address in expression: Builtin Functions
section name: Output Section Name
section name wildcard patterns: Input Section Wildcards
section size: Builtin Functions
section, assigning to memory region: Output Section Region
section, assigning to program header: Output Section Phdr
sections, discarding: Output Section Discarding
sections, orphan: Options
Secure gateway import library: ARM
segment origins, cmd line: Options
segments, ELF: PHDRS
SEGMENT_START(segment, default): Builtin Functions
shared libraries: Options
SHORT(expression): Output Section Data
SIZEOF(section): Builtin Functions
SIZEOF_HEADERS: Builtin Functions
small common symbols: Input Section Common
SORT: Input Section Wildcards
SORT_BY_ALIGNMENT: Input Section Wildcards
SORT_BY_INIT_PRIORITY: Input Section Wildcards
SORT_BY_NAME: Input Section Wildcards
SORT_NONE: Input Section Wildcards
SPU ELF options: SPU ELF
SPU extra overlay stubs: SPU ELF
SPU local store size: SPU ELF
SPU overlay stub symbols: SPU ELF
SPU overlays: SPU ELF
SPU plugins: SPU ELF
SQUAD(expression): Output Section Data
stack size: Options
standard Unix system: Options
start of execution: Entry Point
STARTUP(filename): File Commands
STM32L4xx erratum workaround: ARM
strip all symbols: Options
strip debugger symbols: Options
stripping all but some symbols: Options
SUBALIGN(subsection_align): Forced Input Alignment
suffixes for integers: Constants
symbol defaults: Builtin Functions
symbol definition, scripts: Assignments
symbol names: Symbols
symbol tracing: Options
symbol versions: VERSION
symbol-only input: Options
symbolic constants: Symbolic Constants
symbols, from command line: Options
symbols, relocatable and absolute: Expression Section
symbols, require defined: Options
symbols, retaining selectively: Options
synthesizing linker: Options
synthesizing on H8/300: H8/300

TARGET(bfdname): Format Commands
text segment origin, cmd line: Options
thumb entry point: ARM
TI COFF versions: TI COFF
traditional format: Options
trampoline generation on M68HC11: M68HC11/68HC12
trampoline generation on M68HC12: M68HC11/68HC12

unallocated address, next: Builtin Functions
undefined symbol: Options
undefined symbol in linker script: Miscellaneous Commands
undefined symbols, warnings on: Options
uninitialized data placement: Input Section Common
unspecified memory: Output Section Data
usage: Options
using a DEF file: WIN32
using auto-export functionality: WIN32
Using decorations: WIN32

variables, defining: Assignments
verbose[=NUMBER]: Options
version: Options
version script: VERSION
version script, symbol versions: Options
VERSION {script text}: VERSION
versions of symbols: VERSION

warnings, on combining symbols: Options
warnings, on section alignment: Options
warnings, on undefined symbols: Options
weak externals: WIN32
what is this?: Overview
wildcard file name patterns: Input Section Wildcards

Xtensa options: Xtensa
Xtensa processors: Xtensa

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