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3.10.1 Constants

All constants are integers.

As in C, the linker considers an integer beginning with ‘0’ to be octal, and an integer beginning with ‘0x’ or ‘0X’ to be hexadecimal. Alternatively the linker accepts suffixes of ‘h’ or ‘H’ for hexadecimal, ‘o’ or ‘O’ for octal, ‘b’ or ‘B’ for binary and ‘d’ or ‘D’ for decimal. Any integer value without a prefix or a suffix is considered to be decimal.

In addition, you can use the suffixes K and M to scale a constant by 1024 or 1024*1024 respectively. For example, the following all refer to the same quantity:

_fourk_1 = 4K;
_fourk_2 = 4096;
_fourk_3 = 0x1000;
_fourk_4 = 10000o;

Note - the K and M suffixes cannot be used in conjunction with the base suffixes mentioned above.