QEMU User-Space Markers

QEMU has included support for SystemTap user-space markers since 2011. The QEMU user-space markers are enabled in current versions of Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. The markers allow SystemTap to probe various QEMU events such as when a guest VM enters or exits a system call and emulates USB operations. RPC and QEMU operations. You can list the available tapset probe points available for x86_64 with the following command:

If you are using QEMU to emulate other architectures, you can change the 'x86_64' in the above command. For example to look at probe points for aarch64 (armv8) QEMU emulator use the following command:

Using QEMU User-Space Markers

To use the QEMU user-space markers on Fedora you will need:

Examples and Demonstrations of Markers

The SystemTap examples includes qemu_count.stp and qemu_io.stp scripts under the QEMU keyword.


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