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Re: (Patch) Attempt to get src-release working again

Andrew Cagney <> writes:

> > This is an attempt to get src-release working again. :-)
> > Committed as obvious.  I'm worried about the very complex tricks being
> > played with 'texinfo'; I've probably broken them, but since I can't figure
> > out what they were *supposed* to do, I can't figure out how to fix them.
> > 	* src-release: Configure host subdirs.
> Broadly, where are the complex tricks involving texinfo?

I haven't looked closely at the new code.  However, I know that we
used to do some mildly funky stuff in order to ship
texinfo/texinfo.tex with a binutils release, while still supporting
building texinfo with all-texinfo, install-texinfo, etc., if the
complete texinfo sources were present in the source directory.

That was important for the Cygnus source tree and Cygnus releases--a
binutils release did not have the Texinfo sources, but a Cygnus tools
release did.  I doubt this is important for the binutils tree, which
as far as I know never has the texinfo sources anyhow.


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