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Re: man pages not regenerated

Stephane Carrez <> writes:

> There are some minor problems with pod2man (some annoying).  After a
> close look, it seems that pod2man exits with 0 even if it reports an
> error.  So, as far as the make '-' is concerned, it does not hurt (so,
> this '-' is a mystery for me).

> Some list of minor problems:

Most of these make me think that you're using an old version of pod2man;
pod2man now supports =head3, emits .IX lines inline without extra
whitespace, and I don't believe it turns off justification.  From your
patch, you appear to be using the old script version of pod2man.  You'll
find that the results of that version aren't particularly good; it has a
lot of other bugs that you've not yet run into.

Try downloading podlators from in /pub/modules/by-module/Pod
and using the pod2man in there; that's the current version and the one
that will be in Perl 5.6.1 when it's released.  I think that will fix all
of the problems you're encountering except for:

> - pod2man often generates this kind of error:

>    pod2man: bad option in paragraph 4 of gprof.pod: ``-I'' should be [CB]<-I>

>    This is true for lots of man pages generated from binutils.texi, as.texi
>    and also invoke.texi in gcc tree.

this one.  This is an attempt to enforce a style standard for Perl's POD
documentation that may not be appropriate for gcc and binutils.  I intend
to add an option to turn off stuff like this and just haven't gotten to it
yet.  (I do think that options look better in bold, but the style used in
man pages has changed over the years.)

Russ Allbery (             <>

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