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"atexit" linkage error (ARM, nostdlib, C++)

$$$Please DO NOT delete until you read$$$

Re: -Bgroup and -z defs

../../bfd/elf32-arm.h:1438: `R_ARM_THM_XPC22' undeclared

.rodata segment

Re: 2.10.1 versus 2.10.9x

[2.11 branch]: */configure files not regenerated

[new patch] Re: Reloc BUG in as

Re: [parisc-linux] Use of the EI_OSABI field

[PATCH] ARM sim: Fix for loading unaligned thumb instructions

[patch] ARMulator XScale coprocessor extensions

[patch] change to MIPS 4650 instruction support

[patch] elf32-mips.c: Handle unrecognized relocs a bit better

[patch] elf32-sh.c R_SH_DIR8WPN relocs

Re: [patch] endianness fixes for the ld testsuite

[patch] fix MIPS gas 'lineno' testsuite entry.

[patch] fix MIPS gas 'sync' testsuite entry

[Patch] Fix section flags in dlltool

Re: [patch] forwarded exports for dlltool

[PATCH] GAS relaxing bug

[PATCH] gas/m68k/pcrel test portability problem

[patch] h8300.h: Fix formatting.

[PATCH] ld expected testsuite failures for FreeBSD/i386

[Patch] Reduce warnings in cgen-*.in

[PATCH] remove needless -O2 in ld testsuite case

[patch] Rest of the changes for Coldfire V4

[patch] testsuite/ld-scripts/cross2.t

[PATCH]: Fix 68hc11 gas test failure

[PATCH]: Fix test for m6811/m6812 in mri.exp

[PATCH]:Default exclusion of symbols by dlltool

[RFA:] bfd/reloc.c: shlib relocs for CRIS

[RFA:] gas and ld: cris-*-*: Change default emulation to criself.

[RFA:] GAS testsuite: support readelf as dumping tool for run_dump_test

[RFA] top all-m4 depends on all-texinfo

[RFA]: Don't run ld-selective for m6811/m6812 on branch

[RFA]: Fix build of gas m32r

[RFA]: gas/config/tc-m32r.c

[RFA]: Generate gprof.1 man page

[RFC]: Generation of man pages from Texinfo files

about cross-compile enviroment

Another relocation problem - and patch

any more for 2.11?

Are AIX 4.3.3, Binutils 2.10.1, and/or Glibc 2.2.2 compatible?

Re: Are AIX 4.3.3, Binutils 2.10.1, and/or Glibc 2.2.2compatible?

ARM Branch Offsets?

RE: arm cross error

arm-elf-objcopy create a 200MB binary from a 200K elf image!!

Assembler documenation update

assembler messages...

bad assumption in gas/stabs.c?

Better handling of PIC suffixes in GAS expression parser

bfd porting

bfd/elf32-cris: shlib/PIC support, committed.

bigger page size on hppa-linux

binutils (cvs) target=m68k-linux giving bad value in ld (-shared)

BINUTILS copyright notices updated

changes in ld comman line options

The COFF patch causes testsuit failure on COFF

Configuration not supported in the ld subdir! :-(

Copyright notices updated.

Creating an absolute BFD given a relocateable BFD.

d10v fix for -fdata-sections

DJGPP linker script update


dwarf2 .debug_line directive changes

efi-app-ia32 target is not working

ELF for PPC32

ELF/m68k linker crash

elf32-hppa NULL pointer deref

elfcode.h memory leak?

Error when using .include directive in Gnu Assembler!

Error: 0-bit reloc in dll

Expression evaluation bug

Re: Failed build of GLIBC for MIPS...

first test release for 2.11

Fix binutils.texi

Fix for tc-s390.[ch]

Fix implementation of BLX(1) instruction for Thumb

Fix Relocs for x86-64

Fix some minor errors in tc-i386.c

gas ChangeLog suggestion

GAS for arm-coff does not set the correct machine number

GAS support for an IEEE variation

gas/config/tc-cris.[ch]: Mostly PIC support.

gas/cris/pic-err-1.s, gas/cris/rd-pic-1.[sd]: New tests, committed.

gas/dwarf2dbg.c warning fix

gas/testsuite/gas/cris/branch-warn-[1-3].s: Fixed FIXME:s, committed.

Re: gcc 2.95.2 -finstrument-functions problem

gprof fix for IA-64 (and other platforms...)

GRPOF copyright notices updated

Handle EM_S390_OLD

How to run a command from ld-bootstrap.exp?

How to using -O rather than -O2 when building binutils 2.11?

hppa-elf32: non-PIC to PIC call stubs

hppa64 gas default .level

I checked in a patch for binutils/Makefile.*

I checked in a patch for typo

I checked Richard's testcase into CVS.

Idea for your site

INCLUDE copyright dates fixed

include/elf/cris.h: New shlib/PIC ELF CRIS relocs, committed.

include/opcode/cris.h: New macro ADD_PC_INCR_OPCODE, committed.

Re: IPA changes to ld

Is it possible to do this using GAS

Re: is down?

is down?

LD copyright notices updated

ld oformat binary bug

ld script

ld/as problems?

ld/configure.tgt: Fix obvious cris-*-* before cris-*-*aout* ordering problem, committed.

libtool upgrade

linker script question

m68k floating point overwrites vector table

Maintainer mode and NLS requires srcdir = objdir?

man pages not regenerated

Minor Patch: gas/ChangeLog-9899 typo (for scripting)

More 2.11rc1 testresults

Multi-pass relaxation (Break lots of ports)

Multi-pass relaxation part 2

Multi-pass relaxation part 3

Re: New gdb 31 & 64 bit patches for S/390

New insns for S/390.

Nick On vacation/moving

RE: No assembly file passed to as.exe...gcc for powerpc-eabi prob lem? ??

RE: No assembly file passed to as.exe...gcc for powerpc-eabi problem? ??

No assembly file passed to as.exe...gcc for powerpc-eabi problem???

Re: Null pointer read in binutils- bfd/elf32-i386.c: elf_i386_relocate_section

Re: Objcopy and binary files

objcopy does not realloc all symbols with --change-addresses

OPCODES copyright dates fixed

paddq and psubq??? Where are they?

Patch for bfd/coff64-rs6000.c

A patch for i386 PIC code test in Intel synatx

Patch for readelf (readelf -u dumps core)

Patch for readelf again

Patch for readelf testsuite

Patch to add --warn-error flag to ld

Patch to add support for ARM BLX reloc to arm-coff

Patch to as.texinfo

Patch to fix internal error

Patch: Check input format against output

Patch: gas/config/tc-m32r.c

PATCH: Recognize s390/s390x as valid $basic_machine.

Patch: Remove redundant AC_ARG_PROGRAM.

Patch: Remove unused return values

Patch: use -EL and -EB for pj gas port.

Power outage

ppc 64-bit clean-up

Problem with .elseif conditional in binutils-2.10 gas

problems compiling latest binutils..

Re: readelf.1, dlltool.1 and windres.1 are out of date

relaxation segv

Reloc BUG in as

Result of failures for first test release for 2.11

Re: Returned mail: User unknown

RFC: .gnu.strtab (aka merging duplicate strings by ld)

rlwinm problem...

SH gas won't parse upper-case MACH and MACL

Shared libraries with GNU ld on AIX433? - find online shops for all your needs!

show me the way.... T.T

Stabs debugging info changes between 2.6 series and 2.9.x/2.10.x

start address of a binary


Symbol re-ordering in ld?

Teach .org to handle complex expressions

test case: m68k symbol bug!

Test results for first test release for 2.11

testcase: m68k symbol bug!

Testresults for 2.11rc1

Trivial elf32-arm.h patch

undefined reference to `atexit'


Update of binutils man pages

Update on relax testsuite

Using 10 year old version of gas

Using cross tools with stripped shared libraries

Re: vax quad.exp testsuite failure

vtable pseudo ops

Why should I get redefined symbols during linking?...

Writing addend into instructions

x86: @GOTOFF parsing

x86: Correct register warning messages.

xgcc: Internal error: Segmentation fault (program as)

Re: z8k fixes (GDB 5.1)

z8k fixes again

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