Accuracy of disk statistics I/O counter


(Transcribed from this mailing list message.)

The problem was a mismatch between expected and actual I/O counts/sizes resulting from a microbenchmark load.


global rqs
global lun, id, channel, host_no

probe begin
        host_no = 0
        channel = 0
        id = 7
        lun = 12

probe module("*scsi_mod*").function("scsi_dispatch_cmd")
        if (1       != $cmd->sc_data_direction) next
        if (lun     != $cmd->device->lun) next
        if (id      != $cmd->device->id) next
        if (channel != $cmd->device->channel) next
        if (host_no != $cmd->device->host->host_no) next

        rqs[$cmd->request_bufflen / 1024]++

probe end
        foreach (rec+ in rqs)
              printf("%d %d\n", rec, rqs[rec])


Sometimes the standard statistics provided by the kernel do not correspond to actual low-level activities. "SystemTAP really rocks for this type of analysis!"


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