LibVirt Virtualization API User-Space Markers

Versions 2.4 and newer of libvirt include support for SystemTap user-space markers. The libvirt user-space markers are enabled in Fedora 27 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. The markers allow SystemTap to probe various libvirt events such as libvirt RPC and QEMU operations. You can list the available probe points with the following command:

Using libvirt User-Space Markers

To use the libvirt user-space markers on Fedora you will need:

Examples and Demonstrations of Markers

Some SystemTap example scripts for libvirt are in;a=tree;f=examples/systemtap. The Watching the libvirt RPC protocol using SystemTAP blog entry by Daniel P. Berrangé also demonstrates use of the libvirt probes.


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