Meetings and Minutes

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Meeting Minutes

        - Estimated time of launch for first book is in sync with RHEL5.3 (Jan 2009)
        - Documentation will focus on usage of SystemTap for RHEL5.x (as opposed to FC)
        - Don Domingo will only be able to commit 60% to project for the next 6 weeks
                - handoff of existing workload is underway
Action Items for ECS:
        - develop project plan (Phase 1)
        - study existing SystemTap docu
        - study dtrac documentation
        - provide links to use of Publican to !SystemTap team
Action Items for SystemTap Team:
DONE    - provide all existing !SystemTap documentation
        - provide list of any needed training for Don (e.g. GLS classes, if any)
        - provide upstream location of code (where documentation XML source can be repo'd)

        - needed: split project deliverables into 2 documents, "Advanced" and "Beginner's" guide
        - wcohen et al to provide: content (tasks/problems, scripts, description) for "Beginner's guide"
Action Items for ECS:
DONE    - provide links to use of Publican to !SystemTap team
        - continue studying existing documentation of Solaris's Dtrace and SystemTap
        - submit Information Plan next week
Action Items for SystemTap Team (outstanding):
        - provide upstream location of code (where documentation XML source can be repo'd)

- discussed draft TOC and schedule
- walkthrough of SystemTap setup, cross-compiling
- discussed repo to be used, Publican toolchain, final outputs
- wcohen provided several links for preset systemtap script libraries

        - Docbook XML source of Beginner's Guide will be housed in Systemtap's GIT sourceware repo
        - same source will be used for both RHEL and Fedora versions of book
        - final output will be RPM built thru Publican toolchain
        - posted schedule of development and delivery

Action Items:
        - finalize and sign-off on schedule and TOC
        - provide ddomingo with access to repo to check in Docbook XML source
        - finalize who will be ddomingo's primary contact Sept 5-30

- ddomingo gets access to git, pushes XML source in (with help from wcohen)

chat log (1 of 2) chat log (2 of 2)

 - clarified nomenclature for "probes", "events", "handlers"
 - clarified content for "Introduction" ("Advantages of SystemTap")
 - clarified "functions"
 - received feedback on initial go of document
 - notified: ddomingo on RHEL release notes duty next week

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