5 Further information

For further information about systemtap, several sources are available.

There are man pages:

stapsystemtap program usage, language summary
stappathsyour systemtap installation paths
stapprobesprobes / probe aliases provided by built-in tapsets
stapexa few basic example scripts
tapset::*summaries of the probes and functions in each tapset
probe::*detailed descriptions of each probe
function::*detailed descriptions of each function

There is much more documentation and sample scripts included. You may find them under /usr/share/doc/systemtap*/.

Then, there is the source code itself. Since systemtap is free software, you should have available the entire source code. The source files in the tapset/ directory are also packaged along with the systemtap binary. Since systemtap reads these files rather than their documentation, they are the most reliable way to see what’s inside all the tapsets. Use the -v (verbose) command line option, several times if you like, to show inner workings.

Finally, there is the project web site (http://sourceware.org/systemtap/) with several articles, an archived public mailing list for users and developers (systemtap@sourceware.org), IRC channels, and a live GIT source repository. Come join us!