6.2. Runtime Errors and Warnings

Runtime errors and warnings occur when the SystemTap instrumentation has been installed and is collecting data on the system.

WARNING: Number of errors: N, skipped probes: M

Errors and/or skipped probes occurred during this run. Both N and M are the counts of the number of probes that were not executed due to conditions such as too much time required to execute event handlers over an interval of time.

division by 0

The script code performed an invalid division.

aggregate element not found

A statistics extractor function other than @count was invoked on an aggregate that has not had any values accumulated yet. This is similar to a division by zero.

aggregation overflow

An array containing aggregate values contains too many distinct key pairs at this time.


Too many levels of function call nesting were attempted. The default nesting of function calls allowed is 10.

MAXACTION exceeded

The probe handler attempted to execute too many statements in the probe handler. The default number of actions allowed in a probe handler is 1000.

kernel/user string copy fault at ADDR

The probe handler attempted to copy a string from kernel or user space at an invalid address (ADDR).

pointer dereference fault

There was a fault encountered during a pointer dereference operation such as a target variable evaluation.