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information about sourceware/ accounts

Accounts on are not usually provided with shell access. Instead the various version control systems (CVS, SVN, GIT, mercurial, etc.) are handled specially. If you are a project maintainer and believe you have a need of shell access, contact the overseers to make your case.

Note that your account name may differ from your your userid on your client workstation! If so, remember to pass the sourceware username in your ssh operations. You can do this manually:

ssh ....
or code it into your $HOME/.ssh/config.

If you cannot log on, check the user-name first - you can fix that yourself. It is also possible that your ssh key is lost, or too old/insecure. If so, email to to plead your case for a manual key replacement.

Account management

Some special commands are also available to provide account management functions. These are: